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Women Teachers College Old Student Association (WOTCOSA) Kano has held
a global reunion on 8th February, 2020 in the College Premises.
The event has brings together more than 1000 members, family and
friends. Tagged: Bring Back to our Root. The reunion was said to be
the most unique and iconic giving the members the chance to go back to
partners for more progress. The chairperson organizing committee Dr.
Maryam Aliyu Waziri said that, the 2days reunion will feature a
recognition and award ceremony sport, walk, run, jump, race, ball and
gala night at Meena Event Centre and visit to the center for memories
and anniversary lecture.
She said that college which was established 73 years ago, which is the
first Girls Childs Education in Northern Nigeria has contributed
immensely in shaping the lives of former students in their various
endeavor , saying that it was important for them to help restore the
glory of the institution.
The chairperson said that it would be unfair to forget the school that
contributed to their individual success. “A stream that does not
forget its source, never runs dry”,  I urge you all to support your
alma-mater in the best way that you can.

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