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Tribute to an icon father: Mahmud Ismaila (Malamin Daji) – By HON. ABDULLAHI MAHMUD GAYA


Innalillahi wainna illaihi rajiun! on this date 2/4/2020 my Father Alhaji Mahmud Ismaila left this world and returned to his creator after long protracted illness.

Indeed, all living things on earth, as mortal, must surely taste death and nobody can escape from it – being the exit point to the world beyond. People of all faiths, believe in the non eternity of life, that is, man and other living organisms cannot live forever. That is to say that all living things are mortal and that wherever and whatever the circumstance is, a transition to the world beyond must come one day.

Unarguably, some people die well accomplished, considering their great contributions to the society. Perhaps, this is true to my dear mentor, Alhaji Mahmud Ismailia. He was a good father and Muslim not in name alone but in all his conduct and actions during his life time, he did not allow himself to be misled with any religious sentiment. He related with peoples in very humble manner without shown any discriminatory acts being a prince but related with peoples in very respective ways.

For one to live up to the age of 103 indeed is a blessing. From all indications, my father lived a life of virtue and earnestly championed the cause of Muslims. He was widely known as a man of honour, a father and someone who stood for justice. He will eternally be remembered for his steadfastness and absolute faith in Allah.

I never wanted to be the very one saying all this on my late friend , but I feel owe it a duty to do so to myself and to the rest of us ( his childrens) grandchildren and great great children.

Ba’ba is not just a father is our mentor and friend who matured us to be simple in our dealing with peoples in respect of social status. Despite he is prince from Dabon Kano Royal dynasty who are costodiance of religious and traditional institution in post Habe Rulers dynasty but Malamin Daji as was called by peolpes remain must humble and kindhearted one will come across with. He choice to serve humanity and ensured preserving the nature instead of remain in palace either district head.

Our father ended up being our hero in life, we are thankful that he was a good enough father for us and others. We also grateful for every memory we shared, together. My only hope is that I can be as good person as him. On the death of a beloved one , we should consider that fates through confidence have devolved on us the task of a double living that we have to fulfills the dreams of them in our own way.

Since i was elected as member in the House of Representative it is became part of his weekly advice to me when visited him in Gaya Town always to remember that i will account all my deed before Allah on how I had represented my peoples and also need for me to ensure serving them to my utmost best.Malamin Daji ensure were groomed us to be hardworking and self disciplined. Baba is a great disciplinarian to the core whose principles and integrity are outstanding.

Alhaji Mahmud Ismaila had always been spending whatever he had in taking care of his families and other peoples his priority in spending and caring for others was more noticeable in the areas of catering orphans and promoting Islam.He encouraged anyone to partake and pursue what is good and avoid what is evil and harmful. We his children and other can only saw his red eyes when found any one of wanting of being selfish, disrespectful to norms and religious value and always reminding us fear Allah always in discharging our personal or officials conduct.

In fact we lost a father and friend Ba’ba was a caring and monitoring his family and letting us not to lacked anything in our life and always stand to provided us what we needs and ensure we puts our best in our studies and even given us extra lesson when we were at primary school when returned from worked. He cemented a very strong bond between us which at times treated us as his friends while at time we teased him like our granny but despite this privileges sometime he treated us in very conservative way regardless of our age.

We are indeed indebted to him for fatherly care, moral upbringing, sacrifices and most especially worthy principles of life you imparted on us. We could not thank him enough but I believe God will be pleased with him on the way baba carried out his fatherly role on us and reward him abundantly. good and true father that Alhaji Mahmud Ismaila these are the qualities, he possessed during his lifetime. These are an exemplary life Alhaji Mahmud Ismail lived and the legacy left behind! As we witness the twilight of a beautiful soul,

I pray that God forgives and has mercy on the soul of Alhaji Mahmud Ismaila keep him safe in the place where he has rested and make his grave wide; bless him for his good deeds and surround him with a garden filled with beauty. pray Allah admits him to Paradise and may his grave be spacious and filled with abundant light. Amin.

Mahmud wrote in from Kano.

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