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We worked and voted for this government with the highest believe that it will have the masses at heart in every of it policies, because all along that is the depicted picture of the man at helm of affairs, but with what is happening now, we are becoming more disappointed by the day. We all knew that when there is increase in the fuel price, it directly affect the masses, because everything in the market will also go up due to the hike in the cost of transportation. It is saddening therefore to see this happening in a government that is claiming to be championing the courses of the masses. IF YOU CAN RECALL THIS IS THE SECOND TIME IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS THAT THIS IS HAPPENING. It is really scary because if this trend will be allowed to continue then it means we may end up having the fuel price to be around N200 per litre in around January/February, 2021. Already IPMAN (Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria) has directed it’s members to adjust the fuel price to N162 per litre.

The President must realize the danger in this absurdity. There are some campaign promises that our government must remember that it is yet to fulfill, already people are losing hope in the initial hopes that we clung to. Whether the people in the corridors of power accept it or not, they must know that the popularity of this government is rapidly diminishing daily, and this has to do with all these somehow anti people policies that the government is introducing in almost daily basis. Remember, just yesterday the cost of electricity tariff was increased and today fuel price for the second time in two months. No matter how you want us to believe, this is very wrong and ill-timed.

I came across the internal memo below and I was kind of taken aback, I had to read it again and again in order to fully understand the implications of it’s contents . The memo that was dated 2nd September, 2020, was informing the people concerned of the increase in PMS from the current price to N151.56 which took effect today Wednesday, 2nd September, 2020 (that is the date of the memo), I found this really disturbing and somehow annoying even. How can any responsible agency think of this at this material time of real hardship? Who is the government trying to assuage? Is this government really for the masses?

The President must wake up to his responsibilities. Majority of the people that voted for him are suffering due to misplaced and somehow anti people policies of his government. There will be no excuse or blaming of anybody because we are already 5 years into our stewardship, it remains only 3 years for us and if you want to history to remember you on the good side, then we must do the needful.

May Almighty Allah save Us from Us, Amin.

Kabir Dalha Kabir
From Kano.

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