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From 91 to 18 Political parties: kudos to INEC …



Like in anything else; things doesn’t just happen there must be circumstances that will make things happen. This means that there must be a cause for it. In political strategy, a political party or political office contestant must always be on alert because things can change unpredictably and unimaginably. The problem with political game in both theory and practice is unpredictability of what may happen in next years, months, weeks, days or hours. This simply means that politics been a social subject; experts says that “defies scholars” due to the fact that most time no one can predict human being and his thinking. President Donald Trump vs Hilary Clinton in 2016 in USA should and could be an excellent example. Politics is a game of strategy, planing, influence and monopoly. If you are unable to do all that you better try to get out of the system. In a normal democratic process things are plan positively (sometime negatively) and honorably/in honourably and in accordance with the rules and principles of the game. But this only use to happen in an advanced democracies. But in a less developed democracies; the game is a matter of life and death. “If this life and death goes to extreme, the system is no more a democracy, rather can be described as “democrazy” (Paul Collier,2009, London,Tatah mentan, 2007,Eritrea, Larry Diamond, USA, 1998). Democracy is not a matter of life and death affair rather a system created or formulated to govern a nation or society for economic and social prosperity, peace and tranquility. That is democracy! Violence or rigging is not part of democracy and there is no link between them and is prohibited rather. Any society or nation that use rigging or violence in democracy that cannot be called democracy. But the way and manner that the Nigeria’s democracy is being seen by most Nigerians is completely contrary to the 57 principles of democracy and the 3 principles of globalization policy as well as 3 principles of politics. This means that politics has been observed that “has competing values, interest and ambition” Professor Albena Azmanova 2010,Kent, UK,bsis. Another example, Plato says that in a democracy military involvement or prerogative must be limited. And using coercion and violence is completely prohibited in democracy. INEC is an independent body; they should and could be allowed to do their jobs without interference. Even the APC ruling party must always allow INEC to do their functions independently. That’s democracy! The recent deregistered of 74 political parties is a welcomed development in emerging democracy like Nigeria. So, INEC must be commended (kudos) for their decision to reduce the parties from 91 to 18 only. This writing will again call for the INEC to look into another possibility of minimizing the number of political parties (again) to 7 or 5 to reduce the confusion by voters especially in the rural areas and the cost implications of the game. This will instill confidence in the mind of Nigerians as well as the foreign political and economic stakeholders on Nigeria. INEC—security—money bag as it happened in the past and could they do this time around by money bag politicians? Or could they create civil disturbances or using deregistered political parties agents for money of which that can lead to truncation of the Nigeria’s democracy one day? Nigerians must be careful not to allow anybody to truncate our hard earned democracy. Otherwise, the current generations of Nigerians and indeed the future generations will blame Nigerian leaders for not doing enough to create a nation with full of hopes, opportunities, peace, economic viability and prosperity. To create a nation with viable economy; if not within 20 global emerging economies at least within 30 global emerging economies. Remember, Nigeria has 2% and 1/2 of global population (205m). Nigeria is an important nation within the comity of nations.

Nigeria is among resourceful nations around the world. But among top 100 poorer due to bad governance; corruption, naïveté, mismanagement, disunity, conflicts, trapped resources, kidnapping, insurgency, arm robbery and lacked of serialized strategic planing based knowledge and application of knowledge for development.

Abbati Bako (political strategy and communication consultant)

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