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Floods wreak havoc across the country


Kenyans should expect more rainfall throughout the week, the Kenya Meteorological Department has warned. So far some areas have already reported massive destruction from landslides and floods that have been caused by the heavy rainfall. Some of these areas include:

Flash floods and mudslides were reported at Chesogon market that is located along West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet counties border. The mudslides were triggered by heavy rainfall. 15 lives have been lost and 22 people reported missing. The mud slide marooned everything, the once vibrant market is now a shadow of its old self. Chesogon area is currently inaccessible.West Pokot is among the areas that has been seriously affected by heavy rainfall, in November and December 2019 over 40 people lost their lives from massive landslides that hit the area.

A house destroyed by mudslide that hit Chesegon village at the border of Elgeyo Marakwet and West Pokot 

Three people have lost their lives, two being minors to mudslides that hit at least three wards in Kipkelion West Constituency, Kericho County. Tens of people in Kunyak, Chilchila and Kamasian have since been displaced and their houses destroyed following heavy rain that lasted at least six hours.Red Cross officials are currently scanning the areas around Kapkese, Kamiwa, Rwandet, Timbilil and Kipteden village to determine the extent of the damage.

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