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Gone are the days when women were relegated to the background in all
aspects of human endeavors. North of the Niger In the days gone by,
education for women was a taboo in most communities, so also
commercial activities, not to talk of “ mingling with men” in the
nation`s body polity. To be confined within the “cosy comfort” of
their matrimonial homes under their husbands far away from all social
norms, was their lot then.
Not so any more. Today, in the 20th century, women in the north are
forces to reckoned with, contributing their quota in the
socio-economic and political developments of the region in so many
ways than one. Perhaps, the desire to be at par with their southern
counterparts and the encouragements by the region`s various state
government, have been the contributing factors in this admirable
Today, northern women are in trades, commerce, legitimate business of
all nature, politics, education, etc. one of such women that readily
comes to the minds of most people up north, is Dr. Mariya Aliyu
Waziri. She is not only an educationalist, but a women of qualitative
instinct with a vision and an eagle eye on all human development.
Competitively, Waziri can be described as a women equal among men.
Born in 1961, Mariya Waziri did her elementary education at
Dawakin-Tofaand shekara boarding primary schools, Kano. She was after
that at women. Teachers collage kano and advanced teachers collage
Gumel in Jigawa state where she was trained as a teacher.
Note done with educational pursuit, the astute Mariya got admission in
to Bayero University Kano, where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in
education/history combined.
Still with the ambition to sharpen the more her educational career for
brighter fruitful future, she attended the prestigious administrative
staff collage of Nigeria (ASCON) in far awaybadagry for further
professional training.
Over time, Mariya has served as a class teacher, principal, chief
education officer in both Kano and Jigawa states including Kano
municipal education office as the CEO. During her educational drive
spanning over 20 years, Dr. Mariya has contributed in the graduation
of over 10 thousand students in various educational institutions in
the two states earlier mentioned. She is also a notable feature in the
teaching and memorization of the Holy Qur`an for over 60 thousand
Arabic students.
Dr. Mariya Waziri belongs to so many organizations that promote
education in Kano, Jigawa and Nigeria at large, this prompt her to
form various vocational centres across the north for the empowerment
of women as well as the creation of jobs for the benefit of the school
dropouts. She has taken part in many educational programmes for
students on the need to be self-reliance and to shun all forms of
vices so as to become useful citizens in the society, within and
outside Kano state.
Waziri is a prominent member of ANCOPS, SBMC`S as well as
parent/teachers association of many schools in which her commendable
contributions have been strongly recognized from far and near. Hence
GATCA merit award committee nominated her for yet another award of
Excellency among many others.

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