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By Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga,

~Looking at such beautiful verses from the Holy Book of Islam such as; (Holy Quran: 2/ 208), (Holy Quran: 2/ 256), (Holy Quran: 28/ 56), (Surat al – Mumtahana, 8), (Surat al – Ma’ida, 48) and (Surat al- Baqara, 205). All these verses are so awesome and important to wake you up to defend Islam from a rightful perspective.

~Looking at the history of so called terrorism, most of the violence and killings were done by those oppressed defending themselves against the oppressors. They were too radical and unhappy, all they were trying to come up with was freedom and independence. Which is not the case of Boko Haram.

~In 2002, Mohammed Yusuf is believed to have founded Boko Haram. After he was killed, you replaced him to continue the war on non Muslims and claiming to obtain purity of Islam in Northern Nigeria.

~You have killed a hundreds of Nigerians, and other innocent people in Cameroon, Chad and Niger. You have displaced over 3 million people. Rapped girls. Killed women. Slaughtered people. Burnt houses and crops. Looted valuables and all sorts of evil, while uttering words praising the Almighty Allah!

~Somewhere in your hearts, you people feel proud, fierce, strong, committed to complete your missions and famous for your deeds. You tune on to radios and TVs, read news papers and follow what’s ongoing on internet about reports on what you have done. Then you jubilate that you are real warriors and fighting Jihad.

~You follow the doctrine of Salafi movement, or Salafiya or Salafism started in Egypt against the Western European Imperialism.

~Too, I am against any form of imperialism and preaching Pan Afrikanism down to grass roots. I am also dedicated to Advocating for change of the mindset from being brainwashed by the western supremacy to make us look as an inferior territory. However, I have never thought of slaughtering my brothers because they are embracing western education or lifestyle.

~If at all forms of  teaching and advocacy resorted to murder and burning of properties to make people get converted, what would be the purpose of such education towards developing of Nigeria and Afrika?

~Are you the agent of peace and love that Allah and Muhammad teach or you are fighting against them? Are you indirectly fighting against Islam and making people hate it or you are too brainwashed to think about using best ways of attaining your goals?

~We have seen schools, hospitals, Mosques and other institutions of Islam base, but non of them have killed their neighbors for not supporting them or turning to Islam. The Holy Quran says that no one should be forced into Islam.

~Which kind of a revolutionary that doesn’t go on streets during the day, moves at night like a ghost. His members covers their faces, and their movement murders their own siblings?

~You people in Boko Haram. How do you feel when you are killing than recruiting with love? How do you feel when burning babies in houses and piercing wombs of pregnant mothers in the same villages you grew up from. Is that the kind of the nation you want?

~Think about the day you will die and take nothing along with you. Think about the lives of fellow Afrikans that you have slain. Think about the fear in the hearts of your own people that they move in. Think about those people you loved as your family, friends and relatives but you no longer see them. Think about your country Nigeria. It’s high time you stopped this and advocated for peace and harmony.

~You people are not happy at all. You are paid but the little money you have is useless to you. You can’t enjoy your life when you are in Boko Haram which is a terrorist group. How I wish Boko Haram strongly preached with love without killings, I would have opened up a branch in Uganda.

~If you don’t manufacture guns, who sells them to you? Who provides the equipments? Which country provides you with money and technology? Prove to me that there is no invisible hand from the western world! You just lie to the world and just do dirty  business from wars and insecurity.

~The guns you use and those advanced weapons are a sign that your war is so selfish. You use western made weapons and technology to fight against western influence? Such hypocrisy.

~Look at the middle men, the agents in the outside Afrika, the suppliers of weapons, those in the procurement and logistics, all show that the Boko Haram war is a masked one with intentions of looting Nigeria.

~You are just agents of imperialists who back you up and use you to fulfill their gains. No one should fear you because you are so weak. Your weaknesses can be seen from the intimidating techniques seen in slaughtering elderly and children in front of camera.

~I believe you are partnering with some Nigeria business men and politicians in this dirty business. However, you should listen to your hearts and know that Nigeria shall live even after you. That Nigeria needs patriots not such hypocrites and traitors.

~No one should sweet talk to you and use such a soft convincing language to make you understand that you are Nigeria’s number one enemy. You must listen to your hearts and stop this kind of greed.

~As Pan Afrikanists and patriots, we shall always dissociate with you when it comes to fighting for the sovereignty of our nations and Afrika from imperialists because we are not murders and traitors.

~I would be sympathizing with you had you been fighting a genuine battle. I would be thinking that you are oppressed, but instead you are the ones oppressing others.

~Finally, ABUBAKAR SHEKAU you should understand that the so called Islam State in West Afrika Province (ISWA/P) shall never exist. Forget it. No one whether a Muslim or Christian or what, shall accept to see Afrika gets divided on selfishness and greed. Islamic states that we know are not terrorism agents. And as Pan Afrikanists, we shall fight terrorism in Afrika by all means whatsoever.

Yours fellow Afrikan,

Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga

+256-703 072203 Whatsap

Kampala – Uganda 🇺🇬

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