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AFRICAN MONITOR: Sir, why are you silent in this political era.
SENATOR: I decided to be silence because my silent is calculative, I am silent of many reason, first we worked for Buhari since 2007 for people to recognize him with All our resource which include (time, wealth and health and many orders) and everything possible, but when he became the president of the Nigeria. My self and many other that had worked for Buhari with us where detached, but I still remain resilient in resonance on the following Buhari because I had a belief that he will make it. Buhari is a promising person that our expectation will be made, but unfortunately. I had pressure from a lot people that call along with this time that Buhari does not know them, they worked for Buhari because their believe in him. We followed him because we believe in him not because he is a person from Daura but person his ideology and he will rescues us. But unfortunately many people haven’t see that and people were rambling and saying that we did what we expectation to be rewarded. Rewarded with the expectation we had for bettering our lives, catering our lives and so on.
Unfortunately the people he appointed and his cabinet to represent many state where not known to the people of the state Example in kano state he appointed people that are not known to the people of the state that is there are not known to them not known the us. In fact they are not doing anything for anybody because there known nobody, their don’t know who worked for Buhari, that is excite and dishearten, that is why I developed some culprit and I continue can come to worked for Ganduje without patronage of any other such from the anybody.
AFRICAN MONITOR: sir, have you contact peoples that works for Buhari.
SENATOR: I had contacts those in charge several times but their haven’t responded.
AFRICAN MONITOR: sir, did you offer advice to them or perception criticism
SENATOR: several times, mostly their will told you that there are not politicians. I told them that people were neglected their need to be patronage them, some of them are coming out to toss money to some peoples. I told them gives those people some contract. call them those that work for Buhari, their will told you that we are not politicians.
AFRICAN MONITOR: sir isn’t it threatening to politics?
SENATOR: It is a serious threatening, that is why, we are in this sorry situation now. That is why I make my politics local a come to stay in Kano not the type of politics I am used to it in Abuja. I come and worked for Ganduje defended his against the kwankwaso threatening I initiate retaliation blocks to defended him while his team were sleeping, silence. I started it and latter their pick it up.
My people call me to contest for the senatorial seat of Kano central. I started too worked for it since 3 years ago without any patronage of whatever such from the government. But unfortunately sadly the governor told us that don’t ever buy the ticket because there was a decision from the villa and the National Head quarter about the Kano central ticket is going to be given to shekarau, who is decamping from the PDP. I said ok be it, I did not go against anyone while some people consulted their people before the accept it. I accept it because I did not have power to fight the party or government. I did not consult my people rather pacify my people instead of consulting them, because consulting my people your can change your decision but when pacify it means that you will accept your fate.
I come and told my people that situation we agreed with the decision. I went to Abuja that week to the National Head quarter and I asked the leaders of the party about their decision, because people of Kano state have said that you have gone a lot of injustice to the people of state. That most of the aspirants sent more than 3 years campaign working hard to contest for various seats, just suddenly you give it to somebody who fought the party, who are fighting the Buhari. Who haven’t work for the party? He had just decamp to the party. But he was given automatic ticket. It is unfair. The party leaders asked who told you that, I said it was from the governor that told us that. It was a lies, we did not told him that.
We are not going to give anybody automatic tickets that was his creation. I was shock before I came to Kano shekarau was already on air thanking us for having sat and agreed to give him automatic ticket. That we have withdrawn for him to contest for the senatorial seat. I ask myself and many others when did we did that with Shekarau. Nobody even sat with me, I was just given directives on phone that I shouldn’t buy the ticket before the automatic ticket was given to Shekarau, and of to this moment nobody even call me to said sorry or thanking or anything.
That is why I went on air to told the public both the governor and Shekarau are liars. Because none of them even consulted me and never consented but threatening to give out the ticket because I can’t fight the party or government that was the situation. So my silence is calculative, I am silences to review my everything now, studying to see or to continue this way. Because everything in life is based on reward example we were created by God. God that created us promise paradise for us and direct us to worship him and promise us paradise. And the paradise are of different class the harder you worked the more good you did the better paradise will get.
We are human being we have worked, we are working but for nothing. Majority of the people that are for Buhari, not only in Kano state but in Nigeria, now refused their pledge for him, because the people he appointed they will told you that are not politicians and lack philanthropic mind. We had a discussion with a friend of mine, a told him please push so that our people can benefits that people are suffering. That most of the things done during the administration are done most in only one part of the country that is in the southern part of the country.
Why are not trying to push so that something can come down here in the north. He said I met with minister of finance she informed me that there are certain things that will be released, that she should help at least to do something. She said that she is not politicians. How can you appoint someone that is not a politician in a political era? Politics is not madness, we do things for rewards, and even god rewards us for what we did. Even servant are rewarded.
That is why I am silent, review my position, participation, loyalty, followership, silently and when times come. I may decide to change my course, do anything. Whatever a will do, I will do it with courage because I have gone round, I am a grass rooter, I know the problems, I know what people are talking, so I know I am not along, that is what comfort me. I am not along in my grieves, with my dissatisfaction, observations and in this situation. We are waiting for little time to make great decision on my fate and the fate of my followers this is it.
AFRICAN MONITOR: sir there was rumors that tickets for the senatorial seat will be revoke from him Shekarau.
SENATOR: that is a rumors because the INEC have already print out names of even it is not too late to substitute the names of the contest of various party. But I don’t think is true. The only thing I know we will eventually going to lose the two seat because right now Shekarau’s was on litigation, the government has litigation against him and there are determined to followed it up to the last. So it may end of been sadly losing the seat, because he is been prosecuted. If he is convicted we will lose the seat. There are determinant there is no going back, he have to be prosecuted because here have all the evidence against him. We will end up losing the seat. Likewise Ganduje he is not prosecuted because of the immunity, but what he have done is true and fact. He has done a criminal thing. I thinks what is good for him, there should negotiate to give him a soft landing for him to resign to give up the seat for another person to take it, I when there will not prosecute him, but if he continue this way we are eventually going to lose the seat because the house of assemble are going to in fetch him and he will be prosecuted because of what he did is criminal and here is no any hiding fact nobody can hide it from anybody. Have done it is a fact and here is no hiding place for him. He can’t escape it, he has done a criminal things which is seen obi and there are many others coming out. We will end up losing this two seat.
AFRICAN MONITOR: sir if you are given the oppurnities to contest senatorial seat how will you used it.
SENATOR: I was contacted for the senatorial seat by the PRP, but I decline but I ask them to give it the prof. hafizu Abubakar, but his is dragging his feet, he wanted to go for governorship call him and speaks to him, he agreed and accept it. So I can’t go and contested again, I can’t go to another party, I did not believe in going to any party now.
AFRICAN MONITOR: Sir I you still in APC.
SENATOR: I am reviewing my position, I haven’t yet make my decision of what to do I am reviewing my position, thinking, talking, discussion, and consulting my people. The way forward.
AFRICAN MONITOR: sir if people agreed to decamp to another party will you did that.
SENATOR: If my people said that we should decamp to another party, we will decamp. I am staying at APC because of my people now not because of Buhari or Ganduje. We will decamp if my people said s that we should decamp, but now I haven’t make our decision, because I don’t want to rush in my decision into something. Since I am not happy with both the central government and the state, I am not comfortable with them because there have failed everybody. Because we expect a better things, but instead they concentrated in patronizing the southern part of the country. There are comfort there while we are crying here. There is poverty, ignorance. There is everything here. While them are richer than us and more comfortable than. That is why I said there have failed fully.
AFRICAN MONITOR: how did you rate the performance of the current legislative, in term of the monitoring the affairs of the executive arm of government.
SENATOR: In fact the legislative, really trying although the intimidation, blackmails and my other things. There are very unfortunate that the legislative, we have some bad ache among them. Also unfortunately there, unfortunately there are working for some people that are amateurs, the government officials are largely amateurs. There are not experienced, that is why the legislative are working under terrible condition. Working with some one that doesn’t know and he did not know doesn’t know. But still there are bad aches among them but there have really done well, I know some of the senator that are very polished, experienced, intelligent and very patriotic. I can’t condemn all of them.
AFRICAN MONITOR: sir, you have experienced in both the house of representative and the senate.
SENATOR: the difference is that there is more integrity and glory in the past legislative. The legislative of today is no longer glorious, it is inglorious because then they was integrity example the salary of today is 200times that of the previous senate. The monthly package of our senate is 5 million quarterly but the senate of today is around 100 million. During our time we work with terrible government that is during Obasanjo administration. These was no senate that f ought the government than that of our time. The Obasanjo give directive to his minister they should not patronage any contract to the legislative, if any one does he will be remove him. We have no way to go out to look for contract. But the legislative of today are busing going out looking for the contract that is why I said that they are some bad ache among them. Most of them are not doing their duties, when the senate is sitting you will see nearly the house is empty because most of them are going out looking for contract. But during our time at least 2/3 of the senator are present during the senate meeting in house. Now it is hardly to find ¼ of senators sitting in the house.
AFRICAN MONITOR: sir, did you have and advice to offer to the federal government.
SENATOR: not any more. I did it before and there is no need to waste. My time in advising anybody, there did not take an advice I have been talking, on papers through personal contacts with them my last advice is was just releasing. I was appointed as the deputy direction genera of Buhari support centre, the group to campaign for the Buhari and taken out and the group which will comes out with names of people in presidential campaigning councils. So before we start the campaign, our group had meet the president through media and press, that if done that is fine but if not it is very unfortunate by the time the campaign is not going to start by the honest and shows. It to start or otherwise.
AFRICAN MONITOR: sir, what did you have to the people?
SENATOR: I always percipeid my people them, always told them to the patient always acknowledge that the settle enjoyed me and I thanks them for the endurance, resilience, patients, and always exhibited. The only things I will is to thanks them for their performance, resilience, that should be patient that anything we decided we will communicate to them. And I hope all of them or most of them will go along with us in seeing the implementation of our decision, which is whatever it, if the decided to stay foot will stay foot with us , if we decided to quit there will follows us to quit, in order to seek for better environment.

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