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Amotekun Is “illegal” Asked Comrade M. A. Maishanu.


The controversy over Amotekun known as south west security outfits. Reminds me (certified Criminologist and security professional) of the important insights of legality and illegalities presented earlier. Underlying this debate are two questions: Who has the power to define Amotekun (South west security outfits), etc as “illegal”? And who has the power to label such strategists of the outfits generally known as Amotekun as “wrongdoers” or “non-conformists”? The answer is generally the certified criminologists and security professionals, and in some cases the experts and the specialists in the fields of formal and informal mechanisms of crime management, prevention and control not the federal legislatures, or the state legislatures or so-called security Practioners or the so-called courts or the so-called executive as one of the arms of government.

The legality and illegality of the amotekun should be left to the certified criminologists and security professionals to debate on it accordingly. Since, the issue of insecurity and security is within the dictionary of security profession not legal occupation. Hence, it is the responsibility of the certified criminologists and security professionals to term Amotekun as security outfits for the country or security threats against other parts of the country not the so-called security practioners such as police officers and army.

Therefore, when the so-called  arms of government and its security chiefs in a country called Nigeria has become powerless to protect or to secure or to defend or to safeguard its citizens from the threats and all-hazards like insurgency, terrorism, extremism and banditry to the extent that the great citizens of the country perceived the unfortunate level of bombings, killings and destructions in the country are deliberately not deter from spreading out to the new areas. Now, it is the responsibility of the citizens themselves as human beings in the social world to device a means that would effectively and sufficiently protect them and their property against the so-called threats and all-hazards.

Comrade M. A. Maishanu.

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