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Abubakar Rimi’s 10 years remembrance – By MUSA DISO


Professor Ahmed Tijjani Abdullahi, chairman governing council, Kano state polytechnic, has describe the late Muhammad Abubakar Rimi of his blessed memory and former governor of old Kano state as an icon, emir and champion of political change.

It could recalled that on 4th April, 2020, former old Kano state governor, in the second republic was his 10 years remembrance.

According to the Professor, Rimi never slept over his right, that quality give him a confidence to voice out his feeling as an eloquent voice of the voiceless. Abdullahi , a professor of Mechanical Engineering, Bayero University Kano said Rimi permanent interest is embracing the down trodden masses (Talakawa) and it is this interest that guide his action, he embrace the ideology of Talakawa throughout his political career and it was the Talakawa that had benefited from his administration.

Professor Ahmed said it is unfortunate that Nigerian politicians today are no longer treating the problem of the masses into account added that political position nowadays has become an enterprises for making easy money people consider their personal interest above and over national interest which unfailingly constitute the barricade and set back to Nigerian development.

In another hand, Alhaji Zubairu Yahaya Adam, proprietor of Zubair Bn Awwam Integrated Academy, said Rimi was a man with courage, vision, idealism, high aspiration and deep conviction. He was a master blaster amongst his contemporaries, he was courageous enough to speak out the wishes and aspiration of the masses. He was a leader who sees himself as simple a vessel mete for the porter`s use to achieve masses oriented benefit.

Adam explain that Rimi as a embodiment of true politician who lived a vibrant life for the masses in his mind, making him a strong grass root politician of the time, his contribution toward Nigerian politics will continue to be remembered.

Professor Sadiq Wali former chief medical director (CMD) Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital describe the late Alhaji Muhammad Abubakr Rimi as a great man who contributed immensely to the development of humanity. According to him, he knew Rimi since 1977 when he was schooling at the University of Lagos, while Rimi was at the institute for international affairs in Lagos.

The former CMD said when the late Alhaji Muhammad Abubakar Rimi was the governor of Kano state he appointed him as commissioner for health for two years and since then their cordial relationship had continue to wax stronger. Professor said he was the family doctor to Rimi saying that the deceased was diabetic hypertensive.

Aminu Yaro Diso deputy head of Agricultural department Gwale local government area said Rimi was tried, tested and trusted governor who left governorship without fifty thousand naira as his possesses, that was the reason why Talakawa became stunch members of Santsi who always follow Rimi direction in politics, this legacy bound out of his trustfulness attitude to whatever he put forward. He achieve almost his target planned to accomplish within the stipulated time or period of his administration, he also fulfilled his promise such as liberating Talakawa, provision of infrastructure facilities and provision of job opportunity.

Yaro said he was the only governor who took loan only once throughout his governorship and ended as poor as he was sworn. It was after his governorship Rimi possessed a house.

The late Alhaji Muhammadu Abubakar Rimi died on Sunday night as a result of cardiac arrest after running into an armed robbery operation along Darki, Gadar janna road in Wudil local government area about 50km north of Kano city.

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