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11 million people in South Africa are unemployed, which 70% is youth


11 million people in South Africa are unemployed, which 70% is youth and

35.7 million blacks are living under poverty line.

The 80% is women and children, many are joining the poverty line since the retrenchments are out of control, capitalists want to make maximum profit and to hell with everyone else.

The government has no solution to this national problem, because they have always trusted white monopoly capitalism to create jobs and get shares in this corporates. They are not interested in unemployment and poverty elevation, NO, they are not living under poverty, they are well fed, why will they be bothered.

All politicians in parliament have share schemes in multiple international imperialist corporations, they are in bed with the colonisers and white monopoly capitalists.

They lie to the masses about everything, the Land, economy and voting for them will improve their lives, the masses remain living in squalor, living under poverty hardship conditions. What is sad is that, many young people will be poor until SASSA years and death take them, the situation is indeed permanent.

In the Revolutionary Movement of South Africa we have a permanent solution for this situation, let’s rally behind the call to remove ANC and their sidekicks political parties eating on the behalf of the masses out of the government ,through revolutionary means.

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