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10m people likely infected with virus in Afghanistan – MinisterAn estimated 10 million:Minister



An estimated 10 million people, on Wednesday, had been infected with the coronavirus in Afghanistan, Minister of Health, Ahamd Osmani said.

Osmani said that based on a new study, 31.5 per cent of the country’s over 30 million inhabitants were infected with the virus.

He added that the capital Kabul had the highest percentage of infections in the country, with 53 per cent of people estimated to have had the virus.

In March, the Health Ministry officials stipulated that 16 million people could be infected with the virus in Afghanistan, based on WHO predictions.

However, only 37,000 coronavirus cases had officially been confirmed to date in Afghanistan.

A total of around 90,000 people were tested.

After about four decades of conflict and crises, the country is suffering from a short supply of medicines and equipment.

In some places there is lack of personnel and urgently needed protective equipment against the virus. (dpa/NAN)

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