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Why Pharaoh Body Is So Preserved By Edris Daud


Why Pharaoh body is so preserved?while he died more than 3000 years ago in the era of Prohpeht Moses (PBUH) ?

In Quran “Chapter 10 (Younus) V-90 to 92” Allah says “Today we will preserve your(Pharaoh) body so you can be a sign for the people who come after you.But most of the people of our signs are headless”

Egyptoplists discoverd Pharaoh’s body in Egypt from ‘Kings Of Valley’ in 1975 from his tomb ‘Pharaoh Ramses II’
Can’t you imagine?the body didn’t decomposing for more than 3000 years and its mummy is in such good condition while other mummies was just decomposed.Such a miracle from almighty Allah.
And in 2010,Pharaoh’s body was sent to france for study under the famous Scientist Dr Maurice Bucaille.After researching for many hours Dr Muarice found salt in his body.This confirms that he died in the sea.He was so shocked that he converted into Islam,after knowing from muslims this was already mentioned in the Quran more than 1400 years back.He was so surprised about how Quran knows Pharaoh died in sea,where Bible don’t even speak about Pharaoh’s drowning in the sea nor its preservation.

How Quran knows this?How Quran knows it will be preserved and someday in the future his body will be showed up?
As his body is now preserved on the museum known as Royal Mummies of Egypt in the city called Cairo.In Sha Allah,oneday I will visit there.

Actually its a clear sign from the Almighty Allah is showing to the world as a warning.Allahu Akbar!

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