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One doesn’t have to belong to a particular political party, to have to feel bad, when it becomes embattled by some disgruntled elements in it, for no other reasons but self-centeredness and lack of concern for its millions of members, and by extension, the public who may one day, elect its candidates, hopefully, to improve their lots.

In mind is the budding Kano State branch of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), under a vibrant, dogged, incorruptible and resourceful chairmanship of a veteran State and National labour unionist.

Even from afar, it is discernible why the Chairman has been subjected to such ruthless war of attrition. The most obvious reason is his uncompromising stance, against any move to drag reputation of the Party and its leadership in the mud, especially in the intrigues and counter intrigues, to use the structure to fraudulently enrich the leadership or its chieftains, ahead of any season of elections.

Surrounded by such cheapies, scoundrels and unscrupulous elenents, whose sole aim is to explore and exploit every slight opportunity presented, in the course of keeping a public trust which leadership entails, to amass wealth with which to satisfy their hedonic desires, even if it would mean losing their honour, dignity and grace.

Times without number, dirty propositions were craftily packaged by both ruling and some of the other political Parties, to induce the leadership with mindboggling millions of naira, for some fraudulent gratifications, all of which hit the rock due to the Chairman’s firmness against such shoddy deals.

Having realized that, he lives above that lowly status, the devil then set out to either undermine, or see to his ouster at all cost. 

Surprisingly those in the nocturnal or perpetual scheme, to strip the party of its aura of hard earned enviable reputation that now characterizes it, are some pseudo-academics, who are supposed to be the conscience, not only of the party, but of the society, therefore promoters of virtues not vices, and champions of any lofty cause against corruptive and retrogressive tendencies.

Other accomplices are, from all indications, some top retired bureaucrats, who ought to have seen life in all its shades of black and white, as well as rainbow infractions, therefore expected to be repentant, reborn, and in the lead to embrace nothing but anything capable of boosting their image, and that of the party as their child, to save it from any avoidable setback.

According to reports, the recent move to dissolve the State Exco, came at the oddest times. 

It will recalled that, not up to one month ago, the Chairman was showered with colourful and flowery accolades by the Party’s national leadership, for his demonstrated dedication, resourcefulness, charisma, skillful crisis management, and convincing efforts to successfully exonerate himself from any fowl play ever blamed on him, obviously by the clique of reactionary elements. And soon after that, celebrated joyous development, came this absurd twist, at the instance of the same national leadership, in the form of an unwarranted, untenable and ill-informed stringent measure to sack the same State chairman and all members of his Exco.

Further findings, showed that, it all boiled down, to a high level conspiracy by these adamant elements, to undermine, derail and destroy the formidable structure, by perfecting plan to take over or hijack the leadership, so that they could in the end, use or abuse it, to enrich themselves so unscrupulously, against the background of how exponentially, the party is gaining ground, in the State’s competitive or challenging political atmosphere.

Fortunately for the Party’s National leadership, soon regained its sobriety, after realizing the hastiness in taking such a far-reaching decision to so unconstitutionally, endorse dissolution of Kano State Exco, evidently informed  by a mob action staged by same elements from the State, who crowded in on the national chairman in his Kaduna Office, to take that action, without the extensive consultations with all stakeholders, and in the name justice, a fair hearing to the duly formed or installed State Exco.

The sincerest piece of advice to the National leadership on this matter, is that, it should resist any unjustifiable pressure, aimed at making it take such far-reaching decisions, before giving fair hearing to all belligerent parties. 

Now, should change of leadership be necessary let it be done through due process, as enshrined in the party’s constitution, so that anarchy in the party is averted.

The State Executive Council exists constitutionally, therefore tempering with it, is a sure recipe for endless crises, which is costly in the most important political State in the whole of the northern.

The desperation being exhibited by those behind the scheme to change the leadership, ought to have suggested that, after Kano, the crisis may extend to other States, even to the National level, thus destroying the party structurally or systematically.

The National leadership may restate its order on maintaining a status quo, and if need be, commission an impartial body, to make thorough investigation into the situation. It should also be firm, fair and just, in dealing with the fastidious and habitual crisis mongers, whose records are nothing to write home about in laundering and promoting image of both the party and its leadership not of the State, but the Zonal and National.

The resilience, survival and commendable performance of the party in Kano, could be attributed to some committed members, with few of them as Alhaji Abdulkadir Musa Guza, Professor Zafar Ali Salim , Deen faculty of Basic Medicine, Bayero University Kano , Dr Bala Mohammed,  former Director research and documentation Government House, Kano,  and Brr:  Hussaini Abdulkadir kalamatan.

Others are Malam Auwalu Gabari Jakada , businessman, and 
Umar Sani Zango, the indefatigable Deputy Chairman. 

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