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Report by Idris Ya’u Yahuza

Kano is known as the center of commerce whereas peoples running their businesses with no interruption no interfere until it has gone beyond the regulations of state rule.

Very suprise Kano now has become the center of Trash, Refuse dump every where, dirty are seen at every preserved and unpreserved places, companies and industries have polluted the societies, environments contaminated, even though, they alliged berivery given by, while people around are certain illtreatment.

Besides government has preserved every last satuday of the months to be the sanitation day, which peoples should avoid loitering, useless wondering from one direction to the other, till 6:00am to 10:00am, citizens are to cleanliness their environment, dilecting their gutters, diches, sweeps, all dirties should heaps at one spots, government of state provided ministries which work on trash, that will carry trash to its proper.

Fortunatly, kano has REMASAB which is part and percel of all trash, though, we may see trash some where, while, there is REMASAB, for that African Maestro magazine and online News Paper interviewed Directer public affairs of Remasab Shu’aya’u Abdulqadir Jibril about that.

He said.”REMASAB is working in every nook and cranny of kano for Refuse or trash to take serious action on it, but we are doing this if we are of it or informed,  we really grieved peoples neglected mean while sanitation or you can see youth playing football on streets, roads and in foot field while sanitation is no erect, we call government of kano to take serious action for duress.”

at last people hope to be positive think, trash is what incubate ill, cholera, malaria, typoid, and other diseases, if cares not be taken that may go up to pestilence.

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