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Earlier today, the major headline that has grabbed almost all the national dailies in Nigeria, is the solidarity visit paid by the esthwhile senator, who represented Kaduna central in the 8th Nigerian Senate, #Shehu_Sani, to the headquarters of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, otherwise known as #SOKAPU. The news went viral to such extent that, it has left some people in Kaduna State completely bewildered and severely pained while others so excited thereby, showering the former senator uncountable words of praises. To me, it’s not a surprise and can never be, given my experience of who the man is and what he is capable of doing.

I wanted not to make any write up on issues relating to politics in favour of, or against any politician anymore, but I was prompted to air my view on this trending one because, the former senator has now resorted to giving this lingering conflict a political connotation because of a reason known to him. He failed to understand that southern Kaduna conflict does not start now. It has lasted for many years and inherited by many governments, including the previous ones. Hardly can you see a government in Kaduna state that had not witness one form of crisis or another in that region. But because of the hatred that he has for the present government, under the leadership of his political enemy, Governor #Elrufai, Shehu Sani, together with #SOKAPU is now telling the world that governor #Elrufai is the brain behind the uprising in southern Kaduna, which is a blatant lie.

It is on record that in any crisis or conflict, not only in Nigeria but world wide, there must be masterminds, perpetrators and those affected known and unknown. This is also synonymous to the current happening in the southern Kaduna. Some people living in the comforts of their houses in faraway places masterminded the crisis by instigating the real perpetrators to carry out the heinous acts. And many of those people that instigate those youths do not live in southern Kaduna. The consequences of the acts at the aftermath of the crisis would not in anyway affect their family members. It would only affect those innocent, poor and vulnerable people trying so hard to make their both ends meet in the region. However, Shehu Sani in his myopic view of the situation, has failed woefully to acknowledge the fact that most of those people called #SOKAPU leaders, that he made his closest allies, are the instigators and masterminds behind the crises in that region. Take a look at #Jonathan_Asake, the national president of SOKAPU, who I know perfectly well, his family and his village, Unguwan Rimi Bajju, whose late elder brother, #Reverend_Musa_Asake if I could recall, was the ex national secretary of #CAN, is no doubt, one of the instigators. I have recently watched one of his interviews on the Channels TV and all that he was saying could be very hard to believe by educated and reasonable minds. According to him, the mission of this present situation of southern Kaduna conflict was deliberately arranged for the settlers to takeover the land belonging to the natives. I don’t know where he got that erroneous information from? Is that not an instigation? Again, because of irresponsible leadership by the representatives of that region, they are now allegedly making baseless accusations and pessimistic predictions that there are impending attacks coming up after sallah. Do they mean that the Muslims are the brain behind those attacks? Why didn’t they inform the security agencies? Flashback to 2011 when many Muslims in Unguwan Rimi Bajju were killed and many others displaced including my grandparents. Even as I’m writing this piece, no muslim can be found in that village. And the #Jonathans did not say anything then. That means #Asake and #SOKAPU are only representing one religious sect neglecting another in peril. Has #Shehu_Sani ever commiserated with those Muslims over the lost of their loved ones and their displacements from their homes? Has he ever commiserated with the people of Zonkwa whose relatives were murdered? Has he ever visited or commiserated with the Fulani people of Zangon Kataf villages that were mercilessly killed and displaced on the 11th of July, 2020? It becomes obvious to us that, the main purpose of his visit to SOKAPU headquarters is just to portray to the world that the present government has failed to protect them just like what he wrote on his Twitter handle a couple of weeks ago. To him, that is the only way he can play his own politics and be regarded and supported by them and subsequently proclaimed as a political Maradonna cum emancipator, in his quest to contest the number one seat of power in Kaduna state in 2023. We are watching and earnestly waiting for you!

If people had had a comprehensive understanding of who #Shehu_Sani is and what he stands for, they wouldn’t have been disturbed about his so called solidarity visit to #SOKAPU at the first place. I will never be surprise because, I know that he can do worst than that to play to the gallery and score cheap political point from those people. His myopic political permutations have made him to believe that only #SOKAPU leaders can make him the executive governor of Kaduna state, which I’m sure is a wrong calculation. If not, we expect him to pay a similar visit to the muslims living in Southern Kaduna to reciprocate the same gesture because, they too are affected in the recent crisis. That is the only thing that will make us to repose so much confidence in his so called fight to protect human rights violation.

As an electorate, who registered to vote in Kaduna central, I have voted for #Shehu_Sani in 2015 and later regretted my decision, not out of malice but because, I have seen nothing to write home about from his representation, apart from noise making and propaganda in the name of protecting human rights.

The above words represent the opinion of the writer. Corrections and criticisms are most welcomed!

Written by Nura Bako Zango

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