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Political Nepotism… Rilwanu Adamu


It’s a highest level of breach of trust, confidence and an act of cowardice and partisanship from the part of labour unions and all the NGOs and groups that have fiercely rallied and protested the Jonathan’s increase of petrol price to N145 to now keep mute while Buhari is proliferating the price at will and of course at the very bad timing in which people are struggling for their safety due to the ravaging insecurity caused by uninterrupted insurgency, banditry, kidnapping, robbery, waylaying, ambushing and of course unprecedented hunger and hikes of the price of foodstuffs.

When you have barricaded the roads the other time for the increase of the petrol pump price (i.e in 2011) the rice was being sold at N7k as against its present price which is 25k, dollar was N160 as against N400+ its present price, even maize, millet and sorghum, the lowest grade foodstuff people resort to at difficulties are now no longer affordable. The price of mudu of any of them is above N500, just exactly as the price of excellent foreign rice during Jonathan regime.

Not to talk of exponential increase of all taxes, VAT and all the services deliver by govermemt. Even Hajj fare is exponentially proliferated. It’s clear that the main project Buhari govermemt aims to achieve is to pauperize, destitute and subject masses to unprecedented difficulties and penury.

Thus, Buhari has no any sanctity or integrity over Jonathan that he should be overlooked or be given a benefit of doubt on his clueless highhandedness. Therefore, any response short of the one been given to the Jonathan when he had raised the petrol pump price is hypocritic, double-faced and fake and is therefore deemed to be rejected.

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