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People Could be Dying of Hunger Not Coronavirus


People Could be Dying of Hunger Not Coronavirus –

  1. The National Conscience Party (NCP), stand in solidarity with the Nigerian people at this difficult times in our history in the world.
  2. We also wish to use this opportunity of the commemoration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Easter) to urge our Christian brothers and sisters to pray for the whole world and Nigeria in particular against the Pandemic Corona virus called COVID-19.
  3. While we stand together with all well meaning Nigerians including the government at various levels to fight this pandemic outbreak, it is important we make the following observations
  4. The National Conscience Party (NCP) has noted that people could be dying of Hunger and not Coronavirus
  5. Proper and Accountable palliative measures are not put in place for the common man; we are not certified with the process thus far.
  6. We are aware the FG announced sharing a certain amount of money to several households across the country; which many of the citizens have kicked against and considered as falsehood.
  7. Because many persons never got any assistance of any kind from the FG.
  8. We urge the Federal Government to critically look into the matter; and review the structure in which palliative measures are being distributed.
  9. Especially money distributed. Since accurate data is not available, we should use the BVN, Co-operative Society, Keke Napep Association, Motor Drivers Association, Market Women and Men Association, Local Traditional leaders as a means of getting to the people.
  10. We have recession steering at us in the face, local purchase and production especially in agricultural products should be encouraged to keep the economy running, because food items will be in high demand.
  11. We have a problem of incoherent curfew and lock down from state to state without a general lockdown, which makes it difficult to take care of index in the country and control those coming from outside the country.”
  12. We observed that the restriction of movement and sit-at-home order is not well coordinated as a swift measure to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic across the Nation
  13. Because various States announced curfew, sit at home, total lockdown when they get hit with the virus, but the Federal Government should also take note that many of her citizens work daily in order to survive and put food on their table.
  14. So when you tell them to sit-at-home, you should also provide proficient palliative measures (including cash and food items) to cushion the terrible effect this may have on them.
  15. “It is of utmost importance that we centralize our action just like Saudi Arabia, etc, which makes it easier for proper control.
  16. This must be done now to control the rising number of affected people.
  17. We cannot continue to play with the lives of people especially the poor amongst us.
  18. For those who are still scamming the Nation using the pandemic as a tool to defraud the country, especially the burning of the Accountant General’s office known as the Treasury House, should be investigated as quickly as possible to reinstall the fast losing confidence the people have in this government.
  19. We continue to pray for Nigeria and other Nations of the world, so that the lockdown can be over and people can now go about their normal businesses.

Stay safe!

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