The Controversy Of Arabic Inscription On Naira Notes And Army Logo By Alkasim Abubakar

The widespreading and overwhelming argument is that the Arabic inscription on Naira notes and Army Logo is Unconstitutional and therefore null and void. The argument based from the facts that the Constitution Of The Federal Republic Nigeria 1999  as amended (to be referred as CFRN after now) which is our supreme document and the validity scale of any law considers the country as a secular state and It moreover prohibits the Federal Government or any other state to adopt any religion as a state religion. The second base is Arabic language cannot be used for official activities. For dissolution of these controversies this article will briefly address the following questions. Is the said Arabic inscription on Naira notes an Arabic language? 

Corruption- A Quagmire in Nigeria by Iheoma Ezieme Esq

Introduction Corruption is a problem that confronts all countries of the world. The only difference is that the prevalence, gravity and persistence of the corruption menace vary from one country to the other. As a global problem, corruption has undermined the development capacity of states and its greatest impact is seen on the lower strata of the society, i.e. the poor.Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa, has been ranked high in corruption by Transparency International and other notable organizations that monitor corrupt practices around the world, hence making corruption its biggest challenge.Corruption is seen as a culture or norm in Nigeria to the extent that if you do not engage in corruption, you are seen as being backward or primitive.

Legal Implications of Abuse of Currency Notes In Nigeria… Chidera Nwokeke

Chidera Nwokeke The mass media was awash with the video posted on Sahara Reporters on 14thSeptember, 2020 of a man burning a 1000 thousand Naira. There has been an agitation from some quarters that the man should be prosecuted and charged for treason, disrespect for our national identity and other offences. Howbeit, this article shall examine the position of our laws in line with the action of the man and other offences that a person can be liable for when using Nigeria currency notes. According to Wikipedia, Money burning or burning money is the purposeful act of destroying money.  Money is usually burned to communicate a message, either for artistic effect, as a form of protest, or as a signal. Publicly burning

Shocker as High Profile Suspect On FBI wanted List Turns Self In to EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has commenced investigation into the involvement of one Felix Osilama Okpoh, an alleged fraudster on the Federal Bureau of Investigations list in a $6m Internet scam. Okpoh alongside Richard Izuchukwu Uzuh, Alex Afolabi Ogunshakin, Abiola Ayorinde Kayode and Nnamdi Orson Benson were declared wanted by the FBI in 2019 for their alleged involvement in a Business Email Compromise scheme that defrauded over 70 businesses in the United States of over $6m. The suspect allegedly provided over 40 bank accounts to his conspirators, which were used to receive fraudulent wire transfers from their victims totalling over $1m. He was on August 21, 2019 indicted in the United States District Court of Nebraska on charges of conspiracy to commit

What is a Trademark?by Shafiu Adamu Yauri

By Shafiu Adamu Yauri, LL. BL, LL. MRegistrar of Trademarks As a primer on the concept of trademarks, it is to be noted that Trademarks are part of the industrial property system. Other subjects covered by industrial property include patents, industrial designs, geographical indications and the protection against unfair competition. The term trademark can be defined as a sign or symbol placed on, or used in relation to one trader’s goods or services to distinguish them from similar goods or services produced by other traders. The learned authors of Kerly’s Law of Trademarks and Trade Names define a “Trademark” as a sign which distinguishes particular goods or services, particular to one undertaking from the goods or services of other undertakings. The Black’s Law Dictionary