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My Worst Mistake Was Electing BUHARI As A President, Nigerians Should Forgive me – Obasanjo Apologized To Nigerians

I am asking for his forgiveness for the reasons I’ve carefully itemized below.

  1. On Chibok Girls:

I was among those that lampooned him for being too slow to track down the abductors of the school children. I have to apologize to him because only recently, a serving minister threatened to implicate a governor on his role in the abduction saga. I told myself wait a minute, did I hear what I just heard? And I cast my mind back to when people said that the abduction was a stage managed plot to ease him out of power. I joined others then in calling such individuals, “conspiracy theorists” and “evil people”. The story is getting clearer

in my haste or ignorance then, I couldn’t ask myself these simple questions:

  • how about 270 human beings could be loaded into trucks and just vanish from a city center.

*how none of the school authority could place a single phone call to the head office of any security outfit to confirm who authorized the evacuation as they said the abductors claim.

  • why the principal who ought to be sacked and prosecuted for gross negligence, was elevated to the position of a commissioner shortly after. Whether it wasn’t a reward for a job well executed?
  • the army has overrun Sambisa forest where the girls were said to be kept and still no trace of them is found.
  • surprisingly, they are being released from “somewhere” in batches! Thank God that there are no traces of forest marks on their sleek skins. We eagerly await batch two. Hopefully, APC will secure the release of the last batch before the end of 2019 as one major achievement for it to be voted again into power.
  1. On Corruption:

I join others to insult your government because I thought then that the people in your government were thieves. Little did I know that compared to what we see today, they were mere pickpockets. Under the watch of our current anti corruption Messiah,

  • government officials use hundreds of millions of naira of IDP funds to cut grasses in the sandy sahel region.
  • billions of naira and millions of dollars, raw cash, are dug out of a house in a highbrow area of Lagos. The owner of the money is unknown and the said house lacks owner and C/o.
  • $25 billion contracts are currently said to be wrongfully awarded by NNPC GMD to phoney companies.

Your former NSA, Dansuki has been held incommunicado for $2 billion. Your man’s money is 2% of their man’s. Even if Desiani’s and other monies allegedly stolen by all those who served under your government are put together, they will not amount to 40% of what one man is currently alleged to have fingered.

In light of the above, dear Jonathan, find it in your heart to forgive me. I allowed myself to be deceived by smooth talkers and propagandists. People who hid under a hypnotic change mantra to deceive the minds of the simple. They promised to fix electric power in six months, build new refineries, pay monthly salaries to jobless graduates, feed school pupils and stamp out corruption. Who wouldn’t fall for these lofty things?

But alas, since they shoved you aside, things have gotten worse in every front. Their first act was to jack fuel price up from N85 to N145. Something you tried and we gave you headache through our “occupy Nigeria” protests. We can’t dare raise a single voice now. Next their ill advised economic policies caused prices of commodities to triple. They called it recession and blamed it on you.

No light, no road, no food, no security from attacks of herdsmen. The only means we use to cry out, social media, they want to shut it by draconian laws..

If we agitate, they unleash trained pythons and crocodiles on us.

Sad, this is one of my greatest mistake in my life.

Forgive me!

I think I should write this piece before EFCC’s Magu locks me up for possession of a quality wrist watch and traveling with my laptop.

Nigeria is now a nation of raids. Everyday you will hear EFCC raids, SSS raids, Police raids, SARS raids, Boko Haram raids, Fulani terrorists raid, Terror bandits raid, Army raids, even Customs raids. Raid, raid, raid, everyday.

And while all these raids happen, there is none where the real killers and thieves are being captured. It is journalists, freedom fighters, government critics, minority tribes and religious groups and jobless youth, that are the victims of the raid rage.

While Nigeria faces some of the worsts levels of pervasive government corruption in the world, cases of government official and cabal corruption escape the raids. There is yet to be a single sentencing of cabal involved in criminality. The millions found in Ayodele Oke’s house is missing as is the case against him and his wife, the suspects.

Babachir Lawal still walks free 4 years after he was sacked for allegedly stealing millions from poor and dying IDP victims of Boko Haram.

We are yet to know the owner of the N49 million found in Kaduna airport.

With all the raids we are yet to know how the tonnes of dates donated by Saudi Arabia for Nigeria’s poor was allegedly looted and sold in markets under the regime of now minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Sadiya Umar Farouq. And while we are on it, whatever happened to the case of Farouq Lawan and Otedola? No raid there?

Rather, all the raids are focused on Nigeria’s less privileged youth. When the US arrested some suspect fraudsters, Nigeria’s seemingly jobless EFCC rushed to arrest named suspects in Nigeria, faster than the US had. Without even investigating the list from the US, Nigeria arrested its people in a hurry.

Entire clubs are raided without prior investigation because suspected fraudsters party there. First comes the raid then comes the investigation if any. There is no law enforcement agency in the world that operates this way.

Instagram phenomenon Mompha was arrested for wires and “possession of five wristwatches.” Is anybody’s wristwatch missing? How do you arrest someone for having a few cheap wristwatches? Did Magu lose his watch? I mean, seriously? Five watches for N20 million or $55,000. Is that EFCC’s business? Have they ever checked the price of wristwatches on the hands of the Dauras? Nawaoh! In Nigeria it is a crime not to be a cabal and almighty APC fanatic.

Momphu is a FOREX trader who sells common Nigerians FOREX while the CBN only sells to the cabal at secret subsidized rates, transferring wealth in millions of dollars to the “owners of Nigeria” as Emir Sanusi lamented. [See:] Reuters detailed that $100 million was gifted to Dangote, a single cabal in just 1 week via CBN’s secret FOREX subsidy scam which continues to fill the pockets of billionaires every day till date. [Read here:] But it is not Emefiele or Dangote, it is Momphu, Magu embarrasses for owning a few cheap watches – no crime under Nigeria’s laws!

The EFCC has refused to investigate Kano governor Gandollar seen clearly by the world stuffing hundreds of thousands of dollars in his agbada pocket and Magu said he will not investigate, but he knows how to persecute our youth? While Magu raids our clubs and boys carrying laptops, has he raided his own EFCC for allegedly turning N900 million into newspapers in Ibadan?

I am not standing in for internet fraudsters but what’s wrong Magu’s time? The EFCC is stretched thin as are other Nigerian forces, persecuting children when the real cabal and killers roam free. Is the force investigating the funding sources to Boko Haram and the capital flow of kidnappers and terrorists?

There should be a state of emergency across the nation on security. All our security services should be deployed to capture the rampaging and raiding kidnappers and terrorists but rather our SSS, EFCC, Customs and what not are busy raiding boys and girls. Yeah, girls too who they raid and rape as happens in Abuja clubs.Perhaps our security services are uninterested in raiding fellow raiders, the Boko Haram and Fulani terrorists. Partners in raiding the innocent. Or perhaps the raids of our youth and activists is a necessary distraction to pretend to be busy while avoiding the more urgent insecurity crises plaguing the nation.

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