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No, the world isn’t ending, it’s just a woman hosting Sunday Supplement


he hugely experienced and pedigreed Jacqui Oatley is the new host of Sunday Supplement and the sexist reaction to the announcement from Sky Sports was as pathetic as it was expected.

So, it shockingly wasn’t Donald Trump that did it. It wasn’t the US operation that took out General Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

It wasn’t the escalation of decades of stewing conflict between the United States and Iran that sparked absolute destruction. No, the ruination of man was a result of Sky Sports appointing a female to host the Sunday Supplement show.

“The world’s gone,” one tweet read. “The final nail in the coffin,” went another.

If you managed to survive the Apocalypse on account of not being An Absolute Moron and are consuming this from the other side of The End, welcome.

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