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No! Nigerians Voted PMB Not Anyone Else


Abba Dukawa
Before delving into my subject let me asks God forgiveness for believing only GMB can change the country without  seeking Allah’s guidance and SWT leave us with PMB.  Oh Allah we bow before you seeking your forgiveness. Help us in our trying moment as people and the country at large.  One of the most important qualities of a  leader includes integrity, accountability, empathy, humility, resilience, vision, influence, and positivity.  In order to be an effective leader you must think about people and situation facing them. 
At a time the country is at war on all fronts, and defenseless citizens are being slaughtered by terrorists, bandits, robbers and kidnappers, these are not the kinds of vibes the people of Nigeria deserve.  President Buhari’s reputation as a leader was hinged on the fact that he is a disciplinarian, Mr. Integrity and a no-nonsense personality who would not hesitate to send any corrupt or fraudulent person to jail.   Nigerians noticed that Mr president hard-won victory  has been  hijacked by people who did not work at the altar but are ready to eat at the altar. Worse, they have a history of eating up the entire altar. Nigerians raise concerns because the People’s Agenda, entrusted and  embodied on  Mr. President must not be compromised.
Maybe Mr president easily forgotten that  his mandate was hard fought and won. Nigerians overwhelmingly voted him with the expectation that  finally – a new dawn will commence on May 29, 2015 which will take into account several decades of indifference and exclusion. Before this open Internal wrangling within President Buhari’s kitchen cabinets there is issues which  had long been subject of public speculation with casual reference made most political watchers to the existence of a de- facto president within the presidency are ruling the country not the person we voted  in  administering the country. 

This long speculations by Nigerians was proved right with   recent leakage memo written by  National Security Adviser (NSA) General Babagana Monguno to President Buhari and  published by Premium  Times an online medium accused  Chief of staff to the President presiding a meeting with with service chiefs,  heads of security organisations as well as ambassadors and high commissioners to the exclusion of the NSA and/or supervising ministers are a violation of the Constitution.  NSA said  development made   government’s inability to contain terrorism, banditry, kidnapping and other criminalities in the country.

Less than two years of Mr president in office precisely in  September 2016 Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai sent  30 pages  powerful memo to President Muhammadu Buhari,. In the letter read apart The two officials whose titles may enable them function as such generally alienate those that contributed to our success,” he declared, dismissing former Secretary to the Government of the Federation as not only inexperienced in public service but lacking in humility, in addition to being insensitive and rude.“The Chief of Staff is totally clueless about the APC and its internal politics at best as he was neither part of its formation nor a participant in the primaries, campaign, and elections,” El-Rufai said. Also in 2017, the former Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, Mr Emmanuel Kachikwu had written President Buhari following insubordination and illegal award of contracts at NNPC under  Dr. Maikanti Baru.The letter which was written by Dr Kachikwu detailed how Dr Baru took wholesale decisions to make appointments and award contracts without any communication to the board which Mr Kachikwu is chairman. 

For long ordinary Nigerians knows there is lack of coordinations and intelligent sharing between security agencies and  other stakeholders in the administration.   Let President Buhari remember he is the person the Nigerian electorate entrusted with their mandate. No  any other person  into office, and as such it is highly insulting to the sensibilities of Nigerian people for an unelected person to be exercising the mandate of the office of the President. 
Even though PMB  had said everything should be done through the Chief of Staff, this implied that Buhari has given him limitless power and he can do anything.  This directives indirectly  recognize his Chief of Staff as his de- factor  ‘Deputy President’  and even using it  in   sacking aides of the country  Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo; while knowing fully that both President and Vice President received same mandate of 15 million votes and PMB do nothing Although Nigerians have suffered many low blows as a result of abuse of power and for  over five  years, nothing annoys Nigerians more than a man who has no mandate from the  electorate dishing out orders to the head of the nation’s armed services as if he was the Commander-in-Chief.
For the umpteenth time, Nigerians insists that the usurpation of Presidential powers by an unelected official no matter how close to the corridors of power in Aso Rock, stands rejected by the people. President Buhari must immediately put a stop to this if he does not want to absolutely erase whatever is left of the goodwill he previously enjoyed, but which has now been frittered away by his lethargy and the activities of those taking advantage of their closeness to him.
The survival of Nigeria and its citizens wellbeing are greater than any persons and  If Mr President  feels that he is too weak or tired to take charge of governance, which he is elected to do by the people, the best alternative for him to do  the needful  as President, rather than subject the nation to ridicule by allowing  his CoS   hijack machinery of governance in the country, particularly tampering with the nation’s security.
The actions and conduct of this  unelected officials  within the corridors of power are only projecting a negative image for PMB’s administration  at home and abroad.  In reality Nigerians are alienated, angry and fed up with the way things going on in the  administration as there is not much convincing pointers supporting the once fearful GMB as kind of leader that can turns around the misfortunes of Nigeria.
Nigerians strongly condemns the abuse of power as   its use by an unelected official to pursue narrow objectives, which are antithetical to the national interest.  Nigerians are disappointed, and  We  should have been disappointed  this is not where we expect to be. hopeful that , he must remain true to his original cause; he must walk the path he promised himself and the people. Believed that PMB will  keep such people and their demands at bay. 
Let Mr president remember Leadership  is a responsibility bestowed on Him by God and as a Muslim  know that you will account for every deed and  you engaged in under oath as a president and you will appear before Almighty Allah in chain on the day of judgment. Our beloved Prophet said  “There are seven categories of people whom God will shelter under His shade on the Day when there will be no shade except His.  [One is] the just leader.”(Saheeh Muslim)

Dukawa  a public affairs analyst and commentator can be reach at

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