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Nigeria Embassy in Ghana Demolished


ABUJA – The Peoples Demo­cratic Party (PDP) on Monday came hard of President Muhammadu Buhari over the demolition of Nigeria Embassy in Ghana.

The party, which said Buhari and the All Pro­gressives Congress (APC) have brought shame to the nation, pointed out that the situation degenerated be­cause the President lacked the capacity for diplomatic engagement.

PDP said that the demoli­tion has further shown how Buhari Presidency and the APC incompetence has de­stroyed the respect and hon­our other nations had for our country.

The party, in a statement by its spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan, said that the embarrassing situation in Ghana has again highlighted the poor rating of the Buhari Presidency by other nations, exposed its lack of capacity to exude the nation pride as well as its failure to mean­ingfully engage other world leaders on diplomatic issues.

The PDP described as disheartening that since the incident, President Bu­hari and the APC have not demonstrated the effort to preserve the nation’s integ­rity, beyond the tepid state­ments by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyema.

“Our party holds that the demolition of our nation’s embassy is a huge contempt, which the Buhari Presi­dency could have stopped through engagements at the highest level of diplomatic relations, but failed as a re­sult of sheer incompetence and incapacity to articulate our national pride before other world leaders.

“This situation has fur­ther explained why attacks on Nigerians and Nigerian interests in foreign lands had escalated under the Bu­hari administration, with Nigerians being harassed and killed in various parts of the world by assailants, who take advantage of the incom­petence and weaknesses of the current government in Nigeria,” the party said.

The PDP particularly recalled how the Buhari administration exhibited weakness and failed to pro­tect Nigerians who were being killed in violent xe­nophobic attacks in South Africa last year.

The party, therefore, called on President Buhari to wake up to his domestic and international responsi­bilities and save the nation from further embarrassing situations across the globe.

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