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Today I tried, even though I am not feeling too well, to write on the above topic so that it will not be dragged for too long.

Yes, the topic affects almost all of us or majority of us.

Historical Background:

Let me start with the history that I am in the picture of.
I wrote JAMB sometimes in 1990, that was the time I finished Secondary school, but let me tell you up to today I never know my Jamb result, because it was never released. You will wonder how I got admission into the University (BUK), yes, I got admission in that academic year as a remedial science student, through Dr Usman Hassan who was a classmate to my Guardian. Dr Usman Hassan referred me to the current Vice Chancellor who just collected my papers and asked me to check the following week, and shoo! I became a student, without JAMB. Thank Almighty Allah for that remedial program, and thank God as at then we don’t need Jamb number to go for NYSC after graduation, I could have paid about N11,000 to get that number. I will never forget with those 3 people that influenced my admission into the University, I was so elated when I saw my name in the newspaper, it was so exiting.

Now that was my little story up there, let me go back to the main topic of the day. As at then when a candidate bought Jamb form he had 3 choices of a University, 1st choice, 2nd choice and 3rd choice. If a candidate could not get admission from his 1st choice, he will automatically be considered for his 2nd choice, if not 3rd choice. A candidate does not have to make any further expenses apart from the form fee. That was then, the sweet days.

Overtime, new things started evolving from the Jamb, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education and Entrepreneurship institute were included in the Jamb form, which is now online.
Now let me go directly to the point I want to make, when the current government came, there was cause to change the Registrar of Jamb, and the current Registrar, Professor Ayodele was given to man the organization. In his first year he remit over N6 billions (Six Billion naira) to the Federation account. It was of course a new era, because as at then, the highest Jamb board ever remit was around N6million ( Six million naira). So that remittance really put the Prof. as man that may make wonders in that office.

He announced the reduction of the Jamb form fee from N6,000 to N4,500. That was also a welcome development, but alas! The Prof changed the whole process of admission.

Here is the joker!

When logged on into the website of Jamb, after all the difficulties in filling the form, you will have 4 choices of institutions to make;
1st choice is a University
2nd choice is a Polytechnic
3rd choice is a College of Education
4th choice is an Entrepreneurship development institute.

Now you can see, a candidate is limited to only one University as a choice unlike the previous 3 options.
Also one Polytechnic, College of Education and one Entrepreneurship institute.

Now it did not stop there, if a candidate lost his 1st choice of a University, one will expect that he will be automatically considered in his 2nd choice of Polytechnic, but it is not so, a candidate has to PURCHASE WHAT IS CALLED GREEN-CARD AT A FEE OF N2,500. (TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED NAIRA) TO CHANGE HIS CHOICE OF POLYTECHNIC TO 1st choice before his name even appear in the Polytechnic portal, it is the same process if he looses the Polytechnic to change to College of Education another N2,500. And it goes down.

To be honest I found this very disturbing and something to worry about. And another EXTORTION also is, if a candidate succeeded in getting the admission into any of the institutions, he/she has to pay another N1,000 (One thousand naira) to print out the Jamb admission letter which he/she will present to the institution before he/she is given the institution’s admission letter as a bona fide student of that institution. Now you see the candidate ended up paying even more than the previous reduced form fee. It is very sad, I am not sure if Registrar realized this.

Some Observations:

  1. The candidates are not given enough choices of the institutions, they are limited to only one in each case and any changes attract a fee.
  2. Candidates are made to undergo rigorous process of registration with limited options of choices.
  3. The Board is being made to be a revenue generation agency for the Federal government which I believe it is not the aim of the founding fathers.
  4. The candidates are made to pay unnecessary fees to which they cannot do otherwise.
  5. Upon all these, the Jamb scores is not a guarantee for admission into the institutions, as every institution do what is called post UTME to which the Board has no control of and if a candidate fail even if he/she scores Jamb he will not be considered for admission.

I believe this GREEN-CARD policy is not a reform but an EXTORTION of innocent candidates majority of which have take a long time to save what they want buy the Jamb form. This EXTORTION MUST BE REDRESSED THE MUST NOT BE SEEN TO BE REVENUE GENERATING AGENCY BECAUSE IT IS ONE.
May Almighty Allah make us understand this with opened mind, Amin.

Kabir Dalha Kabir
Write from Kano

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