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WHAT Is The Faith of AL-MAJIRI In Kano By Idris Yau Yahuza



It was recently Kano state governor Alh. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has created program to end pan-handling in Kano, under the heading of Dr. Muhammad Tahar Baba Impossible.

The programs will stop beggers, begging, and flatterers in Kano streets, especially the metropolitans of Kano, which announced that if beggers catch without gigantic reason there will be consequences, Al-majiri will be detained under the costody rules of the commitee, either to call there parents, mallams, or even if they are not citizens of Kano.

Contradiction has been going round and rumours that government kano state is going to avoid acquiring Qur’anic knowledge in kano, while this is not true.

On the other hand local Islamic Qur’anic schools teachers look this program contempt contrary counterpart to them which is like fighting against Al-majiri or Mallams, News has been spread the outside kano Mallams nullify their colleagues to vigil with too much prayers because after Kano will be going to neighboring state, though, it depend how the impact of of program.

African Maestro and online Magazine has interviewed Mallam Tijjani who live at Gama in area of Takari market has said he is optimistic to government in this program, while, he made call government and its committee members not Mallams to be subjugated.

Alh. Lawan Ibrahim Fagge PRO Hisbah headquarter kano who join hands togather work with committee program has announced African Maestro how their first operation exercise became. He continued that the first time operation catched 68 people during night hours, found them sleeping under the Aminu Al-hassan Dantata bridge and the area of Bata, Yankura, flank to plaza cinema, Railway yan siminti, sabon gari church road, flank to Rijiyar Lemo market etc, at suprised all of them are between 12 years to 17, then are not Al-majirai but homeless non citezenships of Kano 58 of them are males 10 females.
Gwani Yahuza Gwani Dan zarga leader of Kano Tsangayu who has 3 Qur-anic schools center one in Bagwai, two in Kura the other in kanwa Madobi, already government allianced with if such people catch will be sellected to enrollment to his schools, while, others will be send to court. He ended with this is continue exercise until Kano clean.

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