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Is it true that there is no brief for lawyers in Nigeria?


Is it true that there is no brief for lawyers in Nigeria?

Those ones in courts are doing what? They are handling cases of course.

Yes, it is true that some lawyers complain of no brief in recent times. But I have also seen lawyers in my little corner of practice in Abuja who cannot handle their cases in courts alone and are talking to fellow lawyers to hold their brief in courts.

One Friday alone three different learned colleagues sought to know if I would spare them my service for this week as I also do when I am overwhelmed with my diary too but I had to apologize for my unavailability on those days.

Three things make a learned colleague seeking a fellow lawyer to hold his brief; trust, competence and friendliness!

If you have these three qualities as a lawyer briefs will come. If you are lacking in any of those qualities, please don’t blame anyone else for scarcity of cases or briefs but yourself as a lawyer!

Who will assign briefs to a colleague who is fond of snatching another’s client? No one.

Goodmorni, learned ones! Do have a great day ahead and beyond!

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