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Gawuna hails Rabiu over Masjid Bilal commissioning



The Kano State Deputy Governor Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna has lauded Alhaji Hamisu Rabi’u over the Masjid Bilal Commissioning in Singer Market

The Deputy Governor said the Opening of the Masjid Bilal will definitely help the Muslim Ummah to uphold the virtue of peaceful co existence and to re-commit them self to the pursuit of religions tolerance.

Gawuna stated this during the opening of the Friday Mosques held at the Singer Market Kano recently. Noted that Islam was regarded as a Religion of peace.

He urge the religion leader to use their sermon to appeal to Nigerians to promote peace and discard untoward action that could result in to religion conflict which some time are inimical to economic grows and stability.

He explain that we are in a critical period as a Nation we need to pray to Allah to return us to the path of peace saying that Islamic leaders most rise up to amount a sustained advocacy against any criminality. Saying that Islam does not in any way encourage people to wage war against our fellow human beings. 

In his remark the founder of Masjid Bilal Alhaji Hamisu Rabi’u express his gratitude and thank to Allah who spared our lives to witness this momentous and historic occasion for the Commissioning of Friday Mosques popularly known as Masjid Bilal.

He commanded the Deputy Governor for having time to witness the opening of the most important and historic Mosques in Singer Market. He also thank all the people in one way or the other who contribute immensely toward the actualized our dream to ensure that the commissioning of the Friday Mosques has become reality.

Alhaji Hamisu Rabi’u who is also Chairman Hamir Investment said the establishment of Masjid BiIal was purposely made to help the Muslim Ummah within  the catchment area In performing their Friday religions prayer.   

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