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Bala Muhammad

La ilaha illal Lahu! Inna lillaHi wa inna ilaiHi raji’un!

Igbos! Igbos!! Igbos!!! How many times have I called you? I should call you nine times – one for each of the nine Kano Muslim children you abducted, sold into slavery and converted to Christianity. Or 47 times – remaining missing children likely also stolen by you while their weeping parents are waiting on you to produce. Or 45 billion times – Naira equivalent of the drugs such as Tramadol and Codeine you have drugged our young Arewa people with.

La ilaha illal Lahu! Inna lillaHi wa inna ilaiHi raji’un!

Thank you, Ahmed Isa of ‘Brekete Family’ media programme for keeping this matter alive! Thank you, Alhaji Ahmed Iliyasu Kano Police Commissioner and men for digging up the matter, rescuing the children and apprehending these criminal Igbos: Paul Owne, Mercy Paul, Emmanuel Igwe, Ebere Ogbodo, Louisa Duru, Monica Orachaa and others who stand condemned on the tongues of all who matter:

JAMA’ATU NASRIL ISLAM (JNI): “What would have happened in Nigeria now if the story was the other way round? The evil and biased Christian Nigerian media would have by now stifled the broadcast airwaves and print pages with all sorts of inciting captions, calling Muslims all sorts of derogatory names. Alas! The usual conspiracy of silence on such issues affecting Muslims’ rights and dignity in Nigeria is now evident, as if nothing has happened. What is so painfully shocking is the desperation of converting these Muslim minors to Christianity and changing their names in order to obliterate their history, lineage and culture…” (Dr. Khalid Aliyu, Secretary General)

La ilaha illal Lahu! Inna lillaHi wa inna ilaiHi raji’un!

KANO CONCERNED CITIZENS INITIATIVE (KCCI): “This is a specialised organised crime that manipulates religion to exploit innocent children. We call on all religious associations to condemn this evil action and take necessary steps. If we recall, in the case of Ese Oruru of Bayelsa State, the girl who reportedly eloped with her lover and subsequently converted to Islam, Muslim leaders condemned the young man’s behaviour and returned him to face the law. The Nigerian media had made the Oruru story national daily staple; wherever one turned, it was ‘Oruru, Oruru, Oruru!’ We now expect nothing less from them on this issue of abduction of nine Muslim children by Christian Igbos. As it is, there may be more Muslim children still in captivity and being used for slavery, human sacrifice or baby factories, crimes rampant in that part of the country.” (Alhaji Bashir Othman Tofa, Chairman)

La ilaha illal Lahu! Inna lillaHi wa inna ilaiHi raji’un!

COALITION OF NORTHERN GROUPS (CNG): “The fact that the Presidency which is always quick to condemn less grievous actions when they occur in the South is now silent in the face of this more obnoxious and heinous crime suggests that Arewa has been unjustly abandoned with no official protection. The fact that a large section of the media appears uninterested in this matter indicates a much wider coverup conspiracy. We call on all northern societies to refuse to accept any attempt to treat this particular case as mere child trafficking. Kano House of Assembly should amend the Criminal Code so the sentence for trafficking in persons under eighteen be death. We demand that all northern states enact similar laws to protect our children.” (Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, Spokesperson)

La ilaha illal Lahu! Inna lillaHi wa inna ilaiHi raji’un!

KANO LEADS: “We urge Kano Government and House of Assembly to support the Police to ensure this case is pursued to the end. All those found involved, whoever they may be, and all the criminal and wicked syndicates behind them, must be fully exposed and brought to book. We commend the good people of Kano for their exceptional restraint on this issue thus far. This is in clear contrast to the many instances of mean and vicious reactions on issues involving our people in Igboland. We warn all those involved in this criminal act to know we will not tolerate such ever again. It is unacceptable, and we vow to monitor every step of the resolution of this case. We seek justice for these children and their families that have been made to suffer such unbearable trauma. We will expose anybody who attempts to compromise on securing justice for the victims.” (Barrister Aisha Dankani, President)

La ilaha illal Lahu! Inna lillaHi wa inna ilaiHi raji’un!

ON DRUGS, LEST WE FORGET: Where are all these Igbo drug traffickers who have drugged the whole North: Christian Chukwuma and Obiora Chukwuma with truckloads of tramadol in Funtua? And Stanley Arinze with truckloads of tramadol concealed in plasma television cartons in Kano? And Anthony Chidi Ikeaba arrested with cocaine? And Onovo Sylvester Henry and Ufiri Onyedika Emmanuel arrested with methamphetamine? And Nnamdi John Kingsley arrested with heroin concealed in television sets? And Onuchukwu Benjamin Owulu and Igboanugo Vincent Tochukwu? And Chukwuemeka Johnson the ‘drugger’ of Kwara State (see Daily Trust Friday September 20 page 36 “NDLEA Nabs Drug Kingpin in Kwara”). Perhaps they walk free!

MEANWHILE IN KATSINA: Daily Trust reported that one Malama Daharatu of Rogogo, Baure LGA of Katsina State lost her son, Ukashatu, who was found to have been kidnapped by an Igbo couple Matthew and Christiana Onuchukwu, who changed his name to Michael. When the newspaper spoke with Ukashatu, he was so completely ‘Igbonised’ and ‘christianised’ he could no longer understand Hausa, but only Igbo and Pidgin. He said he met two other children in the house – Emmanuel and Ifeanyi.

Now, it is very likely ‘Emmanuel’ and ‘Ifeanyi’ are also Hausa kids from Katsina, Bauchi or Sokoto. Or Kanuris from Borno or Yobe, or Nupes from Niger or Kwara. Anything can happen with these Igbo criminals. So, anyone missing their children in Arewa should go and inspect Emmanuel and Ifeanyi closely – perhaps a scar on the buttocks may reveal something!

Kai! La ilaha illal Lahu! Inna lillaHi wa inna ilaiHi raji’un!

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