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DR Ab Baffa: AN ICON OF HOPE… Bichi



Today I am writing about an individual that is very familiar to my readers, I may not be the best to write about him, but I believe I am one of the most deserving to do so.

Dr Ab Baffa, a person I am close to, an individual that many people love to love and hate to hate as well. Some may not easily believe that, simply because they cannot comprehend it, but not because it is not true. Before 2015, Dr Baffa was only known within the Universities communities, because he was then an active ASUU member who held various positions within the ranks of the Union. For all those who knew Dr Ab Baffa since childhood, knew him to be a very fearless and articulated individual right from childhood. When he set a goal, he always fixes his gaze on it until he achieve it. He is always restless when he has a goal to achieve, until the goal is achieved with a final finality. This is the man I am writing about today.

Some historical highlights:

Dr Ab Baffa was born on 3rd February, 1971, in Hagagawa quarters of Bichi local government area of Kano state. He was born to the family of late Malam Baffa, a renowned scholar. He attended Hagagawa Primary school in Bichi which was a walking distance from his home, from there he proceeded and finished GSS Bichi and graduated from the prestigious Bayero University Kano, with MSc in Mathematical sciences, because of the good result that he graduated with, he was immediately absorbed by the University and proceeded with MSc program. He later on went to United Kingdom (UK), for his PhD which he successfully completed and returned to the University.

Since before Ab Baffa left for UK, he exhibited the signs and characters of a Unionist within his colleagues, the characters that he was known with since he was a student. So when he returned from UK he just continued from where he left. I want to say the life Dr Ab Baffa is a life of struggle since from childhood, and he is always determined and convincing in his arguments up to today. One gift that Allah blessed Baffa with is, he is a natural Mobilizer. This ability is what made him to within a short time penetrate into so many nooks and crannies of this country within a short time. It will be explained.

As a young and vibrant Lecturer when he returned from UK and a person who was interested in the politics of the University, he easily assimilated into the politics of the ASUU, he held various positions in the Union leadership in both local and the national body. ASUU means Academic Staff Union of Universities. He was the Secretary of his local chapter, he was also a zonal Chairman at one time and lead various committees of the Union. He was indeed a very active member of that intellectual Union body.

A particular episode:

One particular episode I would want to mention here is a happening in the 2014. I could remember, there was a national protest on the removal of petroleum subsidy by the then government of President Goodluck Jonathan, a protest that was believed to be the backbone of making the Jonathan’s government very unpopular and helped greatly in bringing that government down during the 2015 elections. The two leading States of that protest were Lagos and Kano. Dr Ab Baffa organized and lead the Kano protest. The protests were so persistent and successful that the government had to give in. I could remember how Dr Ab Baffa narrowly escaped been kidnapped, or killed when some people that introduced themselves as from the department of state service nearly forcefully kidnapped him if not for the intervention of the Bayero University securities. He was saved at the gate when the University securities stopped the car from going out and saved Ab Baffa from the clutches of the kidnappers. That particular incident brought Dr Ab Baffa from the inside of the ASUU politics to the limelight of the national politics, for surely the success of the Kano protest then could not have been achieved without the organization, guidance and purposeful leadership of Dr Baffa. He was visibly conspicuous throughout and to the end. That was why in 2015 he was easily marked and picked.

From 2015:

The 2014 protest was towards the 2015 elections time, and like I said it impacted greatly in bringing down the government at the center then. Naturally, Dr Ab Baffa joined the opposition and continued with his mobilization within the Universities and even the many of his professional colleagues outside the Universities, a project that further exposed him to the outside national politics and politicians even though he was familiar to many of the players before then, but he became more prominent and closer to the major players and easily adapted to the rigors of the national politics because of his antecedent. He was also easily identified and picked, this, we were not surprised a bit, because anybody that knew Dr Baffa will tell you that in what he believes, he is fearless in confronting it squarely, he will invest all he has towards realizing his goals no matter what and how it takes, this includes his resources and time. These attributes are rarely found to have been combined. Dr Baffa is simply a dogged fighter, he never give up fight until he is satisfied that it has reached its conclusion.

This is the main reason why that he was very resourceful and useful to the power struggle of the 2015, many people just saw him at the top, so where asking how? They asked because they don’t have the history of the journey and the struggle, they only saw the figure, but at the end, the journey of the 2015 was a success as the APC unseated the PDP’s Federal government and took over power at the center, and our own Dr Ab Baffa contributed immensely to that success almost at the cost of his life.

When the APC government was formed:

In the formation of the APC government, if we could all remember, the then President-elect His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari formed a high powered Transition committee headed by a renowned elder statesman Alh Ahmad Joda, that committee worked day and night most of the times loosing sleeps to meet up with the set deadline, most of the times without data, because the other people on the other side were not very cooperative to release many information. I will tell you many members of that Transition committee are currently Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and others holding various high positions. BUT WHAT MANY PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW IS THAT OUR OWN DR AB BAFFA WAS THE RAPPORTEUR OF THAT TRANSITION COMMITTEE. HE WAS THE MAN BENEATH THE MASK. Many people were wondering how he was picked by Malam Adamu Adamu to be his Special Assistant when he was appointed as the Minister of Education of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a position that he held up to when he left the ES of the tetfund seat, many people still do not know or understand that storyline, that is a topic for another day. But a simple answer is, Malam Adamu Adamu was the Secretary of that Transition committee, and it will be helpful if some of you ask him what he really saw in Dr Ab Baffa, that made him to gave him his SA and later on recommended him as the Executive Secretary of the prestigious #tetfund, a position he held for only 2 years but made an impact of a lifetime. Anyway, his tetfund’s life journey is a topic for another day also, but the summary of it is: he headed that prestigious institution as a young Dr of less 50 years, I believe the youngest to have headed that institution, he was there for only 2 years but he really reversed the old order, and got things moving. He managed and distributed more than N600 billion within the timeframe he was there and up to this moment he is not accused of any infraction. Alhamdulillahi.

One2Tell10Movement organization and formation:

I said earlier that Dr Baffa is blessed with the ability to mobilize people within a short period of time. This is a gift that no one can dispute and take from him, especially for those who knew him closely. And I am sure this ability can be attested to for anybody that see how the #One2Tell10Movement was formed and how it became almost the only voice of Buhari Support groups in the 2019 politicking within a span of less than a year. The movement within a short time was able to penetrate all the 19 northern states plus Abuja and instituted political structures in all these 19 states and Abuja. It became the only campaign tool and voice to almost all of APC candidates in the North except, for may be Kano, where there was some political games. The presence and workings of #One2Tell10Movement was felt and acknowledged in not only the North but throughout the country, and this was attested to by His Excellency, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo (SAN), in a special rally that he attended in Abuja where he specifically raised the hand of Dr Ab Baffa the founder of the #One2Tell10movement and thank him for his unique approach and contributions to their 2019 presidential campaign.

I said Dr Baffa is fearless and one example of this fearlessness is the formation and complete backing of the #One2Tell10Movement even at the expense of his position in government then, in fact many of us believed that it was his insistence of backing of the movement that cost him his position of ES tetfund ( this is also a topic for another day). He was call all sort of names because of #One2Tell10Movement in order to discourage or stop him from supporting the movement, but he was resolute, because he considered it a project to finish, and at that time To ALL OF US THE RE-ELECTION OF PMB/PYO WAS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. So he pursued with passion and the zeal that he was known for, and Alhamdulillahi it is also a finished project, the rest is now history, a history that will write itself.

We worked hard for what we then believed was good for our country and whatever followed after the deed was done, was not our making. Allah knows best what He meant with us as a country. But the one fact that remains is #One2Tell10Movement will continue to project and pursue what we believe is good for our county and for the well-being of our people, and Dr Ab Baffa will always be there to champion that cause no matter what it takes. As we all know #One2Tell10Movement is synonymous to Dr Ab Baffa, as it is now, in many places he is being called and referred to as #One2Tell10.

This is a man that was relieved of his position but he refused to abandon what he believed was good for his country until he made sure that his goal was achieved.
This is a man that will has never abandon a journey halfway..
This is a man that will always stand in the front when others are afraid to.
Here is a man who will sacrifice his luxury for the comfort of his subjects and followers.
Here is a man who will not hesitate to accept responsibility for what he knows he is responsible for.
Here is a who is not afraid to face the crowd in order to prove his point.

He has shown and proved times without number that being responsible is accepting the responsibilities that are yours when the need for that arise.
He has proved times without number that being a leader is standing in the front always showing the way and how it will be done not sitting to tell how to it should be done

He will always lead to give you hope when you are loosing one.
He does not segregate within his followers, he will respect your opinion and suggestions as his follower or subject.
He always listen and never get tired of doing so.
He is a leader that you can always rely on at anytime and any day.

I promised in one of my write-up to explain why the face of this gentleman is always smiling. Like I told you also in the same write-up that, that sincere constantly fixed smile is directly from the heart and real. You can hardly find him angry especially if he is in the midst of people, he is always looking of how to help people and you will always see him sincerely happy when he is doing so. There is no class difference in his dictionary, everybody is treated with the respect that he or she deserves. The only difference is when you want to see him in private, that he will give you the deserved audience and attention, he will listen to you with all of his attention, and respond to you honestly and politely given a way out of whatever you brought. His heart-based smile is one of the rare gift from the God. Is God’s given, it is something that he can never fake. When you see him smile just know it is real, it is from his heart You will be encouraged by his willingness to assist in any given situation and at any given situation.


Kabir Dalha Kabir
Write from Bichi, Kano state

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