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Covid-19: Open letter to Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano State


Your Excellency, Sir.

With utmost respect, I write to commend H/E for tireless efforts and strategic planning to halt the spread of Covid-19 into Kano state. The government policies to prevent the state and citizens of Kano state is worth emulating by other states in the Federation. Covid-19 is too radical to be ignored; hence efforts must be redoubled to tackle the situation. The world is experiencing coronavirus infection and Nigeria and other global  leaders are trying the best they can to halt the spread of the monster covid-19.

The world economy lost over $6trillions out of $57trillions of global package of economy since the emergence of the monster covid-19. The disease infected over 700,000 and killed about 27,000 global citizens and Nigeria and Kano state has not been spared in the down fall of economic interplay; internationally, nationally and at local level. The world economy is in recession (so said by IMF last week) but with the efforts of FG and Kano state government the economic imbroglio will be hugely minimized.

Sir, the committee constituted by the state government with a view to curtail the spread of coronavirus is a step forward. Also, the committee’s decision to seek help and donations from corporate organizations, individuals and associations is an excellent and classical move that will enable the state government to prevent the state from the attack of Covid-19. For example, if firefighters are given support, encouragement and sufficient resources a fire rampage will be brought down; the same applies to covid-19 efforts to enter into Kano state, which will be defeated hands down inshaAllah.

This letter urges the people of Kano to render maximum cooperation to the government’s efforts to curtail the spread of coronavirus in our state and follow all the advice given by medical experts, so that Kano state will be healthy and secure.

The measures of “stay at home, social distancing, hand washing and use of sanitizers” must be observed by all. If people and government will form a synergy defeating the monster covid-19 will be as easy as possible.

His Excellency is doing his utmost best to defeat the covid-19 in Kano state so citizens must do their part so our economy will soon bounce back inshaAllah. This open letter commends the efforts of Kano state government once again for putting policies that will prevent the covid-19 in Kano state. Please, Kano state people should donate generously to the committee constituted by the state government.

Your Excellency, more courage to your efforts, Sir. Abbati Bako Political Strategy and Communication Consultant, IPRC)

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