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Macron appoints new PM in search for fresh momentum

Macron appoints new PM in search for fresh momentum French President Emmanuel Macron appointed Jean Castex as Prime Minister on Friday as part of a government reshuffle to provide fresh momentum for the two years left in his term.Castex, 55, has been heading up France’s strategy on easing the COVID-19 lockdown.A close confidant of former leader Nicolas Sarkozy, Castex is the mayor of the south-western town of Prades and only recently became a contender on the national political stage. Upon being sworn in, Castex said that he was taking over the leadership of the French government during a difficult period in which “priorities and methods will have to be adapted’’. “More than ever, we will need to bring the nation together to fight the

Airstrikes kill 10 militants in eastern Afghanistan

Airstrikes kill 10 militants in eastern Afghanistan Ten militants killed as warplanes strike Taliban gathering in Afghanistan’s eastern Ghazni province, provincial government spokesman, Wahidullah Jumazada says. Taliban fighters Ten militants were killed as warplanes struck a Taliban gathering in Afghanistan’s eastern Ghazni province on Sunday, provincial government spokesman, Wahidullah Jumazada, said. Acting on tip-off, the aircraft struck a gathering of Taliban insurgents in Tawsang village of Dehyak district at 2.30 p.m. local time on Sunday, killing 10 militants on the spot and wounding three others, the spokesman added. A car and four motorbikes of the insurgents were also destroyed during the air raids, he said. The security forces also captured six more militants from Ghazni city, the provincial capital and its surrounding areas over the past

Malaysian Police re-arrests one of the local men who gang raped Nigerian woman after.

Malaysian Police re-arrests one of the local men who gang raped Nigerian woman after protest for justice Kuala Lumpur Police Boss and Nigerian Girl Raped in Malaysia A local man who was previously arrested over the suspected assault of a Nigerian woman has been arrested again, this time over an allegation that he raped the victim. The 44-year-old man, along with two other male suspects, were detained on June 4 over the assault allegation but released on June 9 on police bail after the application for remand extension was denied. Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim said police were actively tracking down three other male suspects in the case. However, Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim said that acting on

Met Police will not reconsider use of facial recognition technology despite U-turn in US

Britain’s biggest police force will not reconsider its use of live facial recognition despite tech giants Amazon and Microsoft restricting sale of the software to the US police amid concerns over the controversial technology’s accuracy. London’s Metropolitan Police Force has been using LFR signposted cameras on the streets of the capital since January in a bid to find wanted criminals more efficiently, despite repeated warnings from civil rights groups that the technology is not fit for purpose. Microsoft and Amazon confirmed they would no longer sell their technologies to police in the US last week, in the wake of global Black Lives Matter protests highlighting the mistreatment of people of Bame people at the hands of police. Both companies’

E-scooters to be permitted on public roads, cycle lanes and tracks to relieve pressure on public transport

The Government is poised to publish a new framework for how rental e-scooters will operate in UK cities, according to reports Rented e-scooters are set to become part of the UK’s efforts to get the nation moving again in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, according to reports. The Department for Transport is preparing to publish documents next week detailing where and how the rented scooters could be ridden as parts of efforts to relieve pressure on public transport. While it is currently illegal to ride e-scooters on public roads, cycle paths or pavements – meaning they can only be ridden freely on private land – e-scooters have become an increasingly common sight across the UK