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Insecurity: Service Chiefs not our main problem – Stan Labo

A retired military top brass and security consultant, Colonel Hassan Stan-Labo (Rtd) has said there is no statutory tenure for service chiefs. Stan-Labo, who is also the Managing Director of Hakes and Partners, said the President may have been persuaded to retain the Service Chiefs because he finds them competent, contrary to alternate views. Stan-Labo told ‘Dare Odufowokan, Assistant Editor, that the continued stay in office of the current Service Chiefs would affect the career progression of the numerous officers looking up to attaining such heights before leaving the service. The debate over the continued stay in office of the current crop of Service Chiefs is still raging. What is

Nigerians lament fuel price increase as govt scraps subsidy

Nigerians on Thursday started paying about 10 per cent more for petrol as the government’s deregulation policy takes effect. The Nigerian government has struggled to do away with fuel subsidies and allow private companies import the product, since the first quarter of 2020. In March, the government announced that it would scrap subsidies on petrol and allow market forces to determine the retail price of the product. Fuel subsidies have drained billions of dollars from the Nigerian treasury over the past years as the national oil company, NNPC, struggles to maintain supply as the sole importer of petrol. Millions of Nigerians depend on gasoline for transportation, businesses and self-generated electricity. But rather than provide the ground for total deregulation, the government, through the Petroleum Products

Please save our Judges by Muiz Banire SAN

Yes, our judges need to be saved from their present precarious positions and ultimate perilous end. Judges are, by their callings, expected to be righteous, upright, independent, impartial and of necessity, incorruptible. What this implies is that at all times, they must be above board in all their dealings, particularly in the adjudication of cases. As an enablement, the State is expected to provide conducive atmosphere for their operations. These range from infrastructural support that will make the judges deliver or perform, to the conditions of service generally. This onerous duty of fairness and impartiality must be discharged regardless of the prevailing circumstances. It is in this context that I am engaging the system that is not only tempting the judges,

“Fighting Corruption within the Judiciary has Raised Issues Surrounding the Welfare of Judges And Magistrates” -By Bayo Akinlade Esq

The recent publication “Please Save Our Judges” By Dr. Muiz Banire, SAN has once again brought the welfare of members of our Judiciary to the fore. There is no time better than now to consider the issue of the remuneration of Judges and Magistrates vis-a-vis the prevalence of corruption within the revered 3rd arm of Government. I will not repeat what the learned silk has said. You may read his article here: I will however focus on the welfare of Magistrates, Customary Court Presidents and other lawyers working in the lower Courts in this addendum to what the learned silk had stated. A Magistrate in Lagos State is paid about 250K per month (no need to state what a President of the Customary Court


By Peter Eboch Ibe Esq. It is a well-known fact that Nigeria, like most parts of the world is currently struggling with a global pandemic known as the novel corona virus. This pandemic, which is also referred to as the covid19 virus is of such a colossal scale that businesses, schools and industries have been forced to close so as to reduce or eliminate human contact which is the virus’s primary mode of transmission. The scale of economic downturn is widespread and unavoidable especially in a society like ours that thrives on human contact. The government’s effort to contain the virus by issuing widespread lockdown orders on cities and communities, closure of international borders, grounding of domestic and international flights, ban on interstate