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DR Ab Baffa: AN ICON OF HOPE… Bichi

DR Ab Baffa: AN ICON OF HOPE. Today I am writing about an individual that is very familiar to my readers, I may not be the best to write about him, but I believe I am one of the most deserving to do so. Dr Ab Baffa, a person I am close to, an individual that many people love to love and hate to hate as well. Some may not easily believe that, simply because they cannot comprehend it, but not because it is not true. Before 2015, Dr Baffa was only known within the Universities communities, because he was then an active ASUU member who held various positions within the ranks of the Union. For all those who knew Dr

What astonishes me is that in all these stealing, our people have not the faintest idea of how to use money… John Ogunlela

John Ogunlela wrote on his Facebook Page: What astonishes me is that in all these stealing, our people have not the faintest idea of how to use money. I am getting scared we are caught up in an age of fools. What does the Nigerian do with money? He buys things. Then he buys power and more power. He traumatizes his community with his weatlth, he makes the poor feel their poverty and the average person bemoan his averageness. Then he builds things: some big towers here and there which becomes the talking points of lesser idiots whose place in life is to praise those structures even as they hope to build same someday. He then gets honoured by religious homes devoted

Empower citizens and the nation will automatically advance economically

Empower citizens and the nation will automatically advance economically Princess Mercy Suess is the founder and president of Frau Suss Children Empowerment Foundation (FSCEF). Professionally, she’s the project and quality assurance manager at Pathfinders International Limited, as well as business development professional. An NCAA certified aviation security inspector, she has been in the aviation industry for about 20 years, combining the job with her charity work. Between the ages of 3-6, Mercy watched her mother nurture less privileged children and supported their parents in their community. These experiences and exposure spurred her to pick up from where her mother stopped to empower less privileged children. To her, it’s all about showing them love, care, and empowering them to achieve their goals. In this


Author :- Shatakshi Sharma INTRODUCTION-“One who creates, retains all the rights in respect of what has been created, alike some house, it may be just an idea”. Living beings possess a tendency of protectiveness for what is their own, for what is their ‘property’, but us humans own property much more precious than our house, car or barren land, which is our “intellectual property”. This property consists of intangible products of someone’s intellect, such as an idea, an expression, a sound, a photograph, an application, a painting, a sculpture or anything which has an author[1]. These products are protected by copyright or patent or trademark. In this write-up we would learn about copyright in computer soft wares, multimedia (cinematograph films, sound recording, photograph


OIL: OUR COLLECTIVE MISTAKE. A small History; Nigeria as a country covers a land area of 923,768 sqr km equivalentt to 356,667 square mi with more than 250 tribes, an estimated population of 177.1 million people as at 2015 and 2 most conspicuously religions, Islam and Christianity. Out of the landmass about 14% is covered with water. From the brief explanation one can understand that Nigeria is enrich with a vast landmass and water. We have 3 major forest zones to our advantage with very moderate temperatures across the country. Most of our land is green more especially during the rainy season. We also have a very good vegetation. The Northern and Southern protectorates were amalgamated in 1914 by the British colonialists,