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The Controversy Of Arabic Inscription On Naira Notes And Army Logo By Alkasim Abubakar

The widespreading and overwhelming argument is that the Arabic inscription on Naira notes and Army Logo is Unconstitutional and therefore null and void. The argument based from the facts that the Constitution Of The Federal Republic Nigeria 1999  as amended (to be referred as CFRN after now) which is our supreme document and the validity scale of any law considers the country as a secular state and It moreover prohibits the Federal Government or any other state to adopt any religion as a state religion. The second base is Arabic language cannot be used for official activities. For dissolution of these controversies this article will briefly address the following questions. Is the said Arabic inscription on Naira notes an Arabic language? 

Who can Legislate on Data Protection in Nigeria… Olumide Babalola

In recent times, I have had a number of stimulating on and offline conversations with privacy professionals and enthusiasts on the reasons for the dearth of data protection laws and materials in Nigeria and possible solutions. There is no gainsaying that our country remains on the list of African Countries without a data protection law (the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019 (NDPR) is not considered a law in this context). It is further sad that, in spite of being a signatory to the ECOWAS Supplemantary Act on Personal Data Protection 2010 and African Union Convention on Cyberscurity and Personal Data, we are yet to have a general data protection law. It must however be noted that, some commendable attempts have been made

_Who Can Prosecute under the Police Act, 2020… Sani Ammani

You'll notice a post titled, 'HENCEFORTH, ONLY POLICE OFFICERS WHO ARE LEGAL PRACTITIONERS MAY PROSECUTE A CASE IN COURT IN NIGERIA' going round on social media platforms. If you haven't seen it yet, you'll probably see it before the end of the day. Be patient. Someone will personally send it to you or to (a) group(s) you belong. The post reads: 'By section 66(1) of the Police Act 2020, ONLY a Police Officer who is a LEGAL PRACTITIONER, can prosecute. Section 23 which hitherto gave non-Police lawyers prosecutorial powers no longer hold any potency in law, the entire old Police Act,cap P.19,LFN,2004, having been REPEALED by the Police Act, 2020 recently ASSENTED to by Mr. President. In effect, any prosecution by a

KANO STATE’ S DEATH PENALTY FOR BLASPHEMY: A Viewpoint… By: Abdulrasheed Ibrahim

By: Abdulrasheed Ibrahim, LL.M, Notary Public The death penalty for blasphemy passed on one Yahaya Aminu Sharif by an Upper Sharia Court in Kano State has been a very big issue in the news .The debate on whether the convicted person ought to die by hanging for committing blasphemy against Muhammad (peace be on him), the prophet of Islam has been overwhelming. I have read many views for and against of the conviction. To the best of my knowledge as a student of Islam, this is one of the issues where the scholars of Islam are not unanimous.There are various Schools of thoughts in Islam and prominent among them are Imam Hanifah , Imam Malik , Imam Hambali and Imam Shafi

EFCC amendment is fraud – Sagay Blasts Malami

The Prof. Itse Sagay-led Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, on Wednesday, described a proposed bill for the amendment of the establishment Act of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and called on Nigerians and the National Assembly to reject it. PACAC, in a statement signed by Sagay, and released by the Communication Unit of the committee, said the planned amendment was part of “an on-going very sinister and dangerous attempt to demolish the anti-corruption infrastructure of Nigeria and return it to the situation it was in during the dark days before 2015. The Senior Advocate of Nigeria added that those behind it “are the representatives of the corrupt establishment that brought this country to its knees and subjected us to humiliation