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Petrol subsidy removal will save Nigeria N1trn, create jobs annually -Sylva

Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Chief Timipre SylvaMr Timipre Sylva, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources says the Federal Government’s decision to fully remove subsidy from petrol will save the country ₦1trn annually and create massive jobs. Sylva, who said this on Thursday, while speaking with newsmen in Abuja, said that beginning from October, Nigerians “can now convert cars using petroleum to gas, which will be cheaper’’. “It is time for Nigerians to face reality and do the right thing. What is deregulation going to do? It is going to free up a lot more money. “At least from the very beginning, it will save us up to a trillion and more every year. “Already, we have taken off the budgetary provision

Igbo Are from Messianic Jewish Rabbi, Rabbi Cohen Onwe

According to an interview from an Igbo Messianic Jewish Rabbi, Rabbi Cohen Onwe “In 70 A.D, history noted a great extermination of the Jews from the Holy Land in Israel, this was practically as a result of Roman conquest of Israel during her aggressions and wars expansion of her empire. The Jewish revolts by the Zealot and the Zionist led to the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem. However, 70th A.D extermination of Jews from Israel is not actually the first time Israelites were carried away into exile. History noted that since the time the twelve sons of Jacob who made up the twelve tribes of Israel move to settle with their brother Joseph in Goshen, Egypt, Israelites who were historically called

Rwanda deploys robots to protect doctors from contracting COVID-19

wanda uses robots to protect doctors, who treat COVID-19 patients through minimising contact, Health Minister Daniel Ngamije said on Thursday. Ngamije said this at a news conference in Moscow. “We have some health personnel who have been infected with COVID-19. “I think there are less than 10 because we deployed all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) measures and different measures were taken to avoid that health personnel be contaminated with this disease. “We also use robots to reduce contact of health personnel with patients, those robots are helping us to collect some information, temperature and other information, treatment standards. “So, basically we do not have a big issue of health personnel affected by COVID-19 so far,” Ngamije said. World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Director for Africa

A Fate Worse Than Slavery, By Owei Lakemfa

Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, sparked off quite a controversy when he rejected the historical truth that there was slavery in his country. The truth is that slavery was a way of life in that beautiful continent. But there are denials because the perpetrators did not regard the indigenous Australians, referred to as the Aborigines, as human beings. In fact, until 1940, some Austro-British scientists claimed that the indigenes who lived in the Tasmanian part of Australia, were the last link between man and monkeys. The Australians officially treated the Tasmanians, not only as animals of burden, but also regarded them as game, hunting them down. The usual method was to attack and corner them, kill and mutilate all the men,

TRAVELOUGE: Egypt A Place of Thousand Lessons… Dr Iguda

TRAVELOUGE: Egypt A Place of Thousand Lessons While in Egypt, thoughts of different hues crossed my mind about why and how Egypt assumed such an important place to the visitors, tourists and travelers. What I saw and observed in Egypt dazzles my mind especially its umatched history among world civilizations, scholarship and cosmopolitan nature, yet one thing sets my thought off balance; the striking contrast between temporal things and condition of impermanence of our life that imposes itself visible upon every edifice or antique. My contemplation is always reinforced by the deeping silence of winds in the cemetery of those iconic personalities right from Pharos epoch (thousand of years ago), to Ottomon dynasty. Just one tiny circumference of land in