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President Muhammad Buhari is the talk of the town these days courtesy of the Northern Plague: the killings everywhere and in whatever manner, and the suffering caused by the covid-19 pandemic. But don’t fool yourself, Buhari may, probably, not be the love of the town, as many people are beginning to assess his leadership out of injured pride, prejudice and disappointment. It is always said that the end of everything is in the beginning and we have to look to the beginning if we want to see everything ends well; how true this is with Buhari’s leadership. If we could go down the memory lane, we all knew that President Buhari came to power because of former President Jonathan’s mishandling of the economy and the security, resulting in terrorism, violent conflicts, widespread poverty, youth unemployment, electricity shortage, and corruption, among others. We couldn’t help remembering him saying, “Jonathan should vacate and give way to competent hand to govern the country” (Daily Trust, 22 May, 2013). If our memory and vision are not blurred, we could remember seeing Buhari in 2014, leading a ‘Salvation Rally’ in Abuja, in the company of the former APC National Chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun and the former Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Amaechi, against the then ruling party, PDP, over the “increased spate of insecurity, killings, corruption, and police brutality against official opposition” (Vanguard, 20 November, 2014). These ‘enough is enough’ campaigns were what made us to love Buhari more than any leader in Nigeria’s history. All Nigerians, even the skeptics, regarded Buhari as the only solution to Nigeria’s problems; and all of us were sure that justice and equity would prevail in his leadership. If today we are witnessing contrary expectations, we will never voice our dismay because we dare not hurt our pride. Buhari is still our darling President, but we hate the way we love him! Were we not the people betting and banking on an ideal Buhari presidency that would differentiate ‘us from them’; the presidency that would end all our panic and be the panacea for all our woes? I am sure today, our prejudice will haunt us up to our political graves. Don’t get me wrong, we are always proud to be core and staunchest Buharites, and we can proudly showcase his achievements everywhere in the country, but we are afraid we are going to be disappointed if things continue to be the way they are lately. For God’s sake, isn’t there anybody at the Villa (oh no, not those cowboys!) to tell our dear Baba to buckle up so that we can save our political pride? Baba shouldn’t have inertianized and limbolized his administration because the greatest blow we can receive today, is to hear comparison being made between his administration and that of former President Jonathan: some are saying there is no difference between the two, others are saying Buhari’s is even worse. This is going too far! All what they are trying to do is to make us swallow our pride and declare our disappointment openly and unequivocally. If not that Buhari’s face is always expressionless, we would have received a little comfort that will shield us from the blows we are receiving left, right and center! The greatest tragedy in Nigeria is that no one knows what Buhari is thinking when he smiles or frowns; and no one knows when he is happy or sad. We are not even sure if he is the one ruling the country. God Bless our stone-cold President! We will continue to be with you – thorn in the flesh- till the end; at least, to save our pride.

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