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Buhari govt. Is Worst in the history of the country

Insecurity: Buhari’s administration worst in Nigeria’s history –Dalung

Former Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung, has condemned the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari over the  insecurity in the north, describing the government as the worst in the country’s history.

Speaking in a video he posted on his verified Facebook page, yesterday, Dalung said despite the huge financial allocation budgeted yearly for security, the killings have not abated even as he lamented that lives of Nigerians have become less valuable than that of animals.

Airing his thoughts in Hausa language, Dalung who served as a minister from 2015 to 2019, described the administration as a failure and accused aides of the president of not telling him the truth in the war against insurgents and bandits.

He said Buhari should warn the ‘children’ working for him, who refused to tell him the true situation of insecurity in the country, to stop insulting northern elders who were speaking truth to power.

He condemned what he described as the president’s inaction for allegedly allowing those in charge of security to spend huge resources without commensurate results.

“From Borno to Kwara,Plateau to Sokoto, human life means nothing. The killings in the north are so bad now that chickens are better off than humans because if you have N5,000, you can buy a fowl, but people now enter houses killing women and children as if they don’t have value. There hasn’t been killings such as this. It is a shame that even governors are saying they are tired. Instead of them to meet with traditional and religious leaders to look for solutions to the problem, what  governors do now is to go to Abuja and collect money and give to these bandits with the hope that killings will stop.  These governors are more concerned about how to win elections, they don’t care about any thing else.  I am not a prophet, but I can predict (that) if no action is taken on these traitors within your government, you’ll regret it by 2021.

“Mr. President, everyday, people abuse you and because of you people also abuse us for supporting you and they ask if this is the change we promised. Those who are making them insult you, why are you still leaving them in your government? Those who you have surrounded yourself with and are supposed to be in charge of security are telling you lies. You have given these people so much money, yet the killings haven’t stopped, instead, they have worsened. When you give them money to fight insecurity, they go and enjoy themselves, then come and lie to you that every thing is under control.

“You once mentioned that they were disobeying your orders; I mean orders of the Commander-In-Chief, so why are you still tolerating them? Everyday your security chiefs tell you that they are on top of the situation? On top of which situation? What are they doing with the funds that have been given to them? Your government is full of people who lie to you.”Also, please warn your aides to stop insulting Northern elders. Stop allowing the young people who are working with you to abuse their elders. In our culture, children should not be insulting their elders. We are all living in shame because we don’t know what to tell our critics.  We you want to go to Daura, you will be surrounded with security and you may not understand what people in your state in Katsina are going through. In your state, people are killed everyday and the rate of insecurity is high. But these days, any traditional leader that speaks against the government will be removed by the state governor,” Dalung said.

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