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Atiku Abubakar on Nnamdi Kanu..


For 35 years, Anthony Enahoro,  Afenifere, Ben Nwabueze, OPC,  ọhaneze, MEND,  MASSOB,  Awolowo, and other reputable Nigerians tried and begged for restructuring, the north rebuffed them.

No body even took them serious. Nobody listened.

Then a little known rabble-rouser ran a pirate radio station from his matchbox room in Peckham.  In three years he made the hitherto unfashionable and impossible thing central to our national politics.

Elrufai was in London yesterday talking restructuring.

They fought in Ondo in a meeting on  restructuring,  there is a Yoruba declaration.

Northern elders are shifting ground while  pretending to grandstand.

You don’t have to agree with his style, I also don’t, but you must be one pretentious clown if you don’t acknowledge that Nnamdi Kanu, loathe or love him, has achieved what all those people and organizations have been fighting for over 35 years without success.

 He did it in three years. The mass movement he inspired became a huge threat to the establishment. They had to take him out. Sadly,  ethnic bịas and hate from those who accuse him (rightly too)  won’t let folks see or acknowledge what this man has done.

The fire he lit up will definitely lead to something tangible happening this time. People aren’t ready to take no and platitudes for answers again.

This much you can concede to kanu without letting the hate you often accuse of him of get the better of you.

Dead or alive, the little rabble-rouser from Afara-ukwu Umuahia has secured his place in history.

In the final analysis, immortality isn’t how long you live. It is how long your name is remembered, and for good or bad, Kanu will be remembered for ages as  the man that took aim at the very heart of the Nigerian political establishment and they rolled in the tanks to quell him.

That is something you must concede.

When history is made, the protagonists rarely know the consequences of the chain of events they unleashed.

But posterity will always remember.

Kanu has been many things to many people- uncouth,  brash, hateful, obsessed, a charlatan, a clown, a messiah, a saviour, a fraud, etc. We can’t seem to agree. We must agree though that he has also been an agent of change.

Should the current fever on restructuring succeed, kanu should take credit for birthing it.

Atiku Abubakar.

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