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An open letter to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the critical moment of the Country and the world at large: The most needed response


An open letter to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the critical moment of the Country and the world at large: The most needed response

Dear sir,
It is quite unfortunate that Iam writting to you at a critical moment of great concern to all Nigerians. The current state of dilemma in the system of the country was caused as a result of the pandemic covid 19 virus embedding most of the world’s continent. This is no doubt a difficult time for the world.

Further aggravation to this unrest,was the recent past Covid 19 test conducted on the Chief of Staff of the president,Abba Kyari whom was confirmed positive to it.

So many people whom he came to be in contact with,in the presidency especially his aides have been reported to be positive to the virus.

Sir, ever since the first Chinese Covid 19 positive reported case who came back from Italy and landed in Lagos Nigerian didn’t hear any word of encouragement from you sir. And that first case has paved a path for about 65 more virus positive in the country

And if my memory serves me well,not once did the president ever address Nigerians on the measures and its spill over effect on Nigerians and our Economy, your good office has taken to prevent further spread of the virus.
Iam not unmindful of the recent past 23 seconds vedio which was recorded by Bashir Ahmad (your media aide) and published same on his Twitter handle, that I think is something else and not an address. The viral vedio neither has beginning nor end.

It is noteworthy that there are so many legislatures and top governmental officials whom were reported to have returned from the affected areas abroad without either isolating themselves for 14 days incubation period or subjecting themselves to the covid 19 test. These concerns have triggered my keen interest to kindly call the attention of the President Muhammadu Buhari in this regard.

It should be recalled that covid 19 which was already declared pandemic by medical doctors around the globe, a couple of month has left all and sundry in a serious state of destitude or fear in the world.

The day in day out reports of medical professionals have glaringly shown that so many countries in the world are taking stringent measures to cope with the pandemic virus.This is so because the pandemic virus has a spill over effect to neighboring countries in the world.

Very recently so many leaders around the globe like UK priminister Boris Johnson, and UK health minister were confirmed positive of Covid 19.

UK, US and Italy etc have been on a total lockdown in a bid to curve the niche of the virus bedeviling their nations. This precaution was adopted by many countries around the globe.

U S Congress has recently passed into law a FamiliesFirst Coronavirus Act and other Emergency relief Bills with a view to control the virus wide spread.

In a bid to get rid of the virus under discussion,the whole Europe are relatively in a total lockdown.

In Africa, the confirmed positive cases of the virus is by the day gathering momentum. South Africa is the closer example to reckon with.

Therefore, the rate at which the virus has been receiving widespread globally is alarming.
So many countries across the globe whom were confirmed to have the highest number of confirmed cases of covid 19 ranging from China, Italy, Spain, Germany and US etc have been taking so many measures to see that the virus didn’t escalate further.

Coming back Nigeria to delve into issues relating to Nigerian confirmed cases of covid 19, is the basis for which this piece is built upon.
I may be right to confess that the pandemic virus had installed more fear on Nigerians when Muhammad Atiku Abubakar refused to isolate himself for 14days after his trip from abroad.

Now, in few more days to come,almost 99 three quarter if not all of the State Governors of the Federation are likely to lockdown their respective states.

Many Governors have closed their state borders. This, was what this country should have done at the earliest opportunity, when first case was reported to avoid this virus wide spread.

We have enough legal instrument to any measure in a bid to combat the covid 19.
Section 305 (4) of the 1998 constitution of Nigeria has empowered the president to declare this country or any part of the country in a state of Emergency.

Equally pursuant to section 8 of the Qurantine Act of 1926 similar legislation may be made by state Governors to restrict fundamental rights of citizen to movement.

There are consequences that are bound to happen to the Nigerians while staying at home.
The good news is, our well to do men like Atiku Abubakar,Aliko Dangote and Abdussamadu Ishaq Rabiu etc have started donating large amount of money for the purposes of fighting against the virus.Nigerians will forever be grateful.

The questions begging for an answer are;
What are the Presidency doing to ensure Nigerians who were asked to stay indoors , food stuffs are made available to them?
Now, if there is any plan to make food stuffs available how can same be distributed?

To what extent has the Federal government taken step to provide covid 19 centers for running test every where in the country and its treatment?

What step has the Federal government taken to ensure our Economy survives this pandemic virus,bearing in mind the declaration of IMF in a state of recession?

The Federal government has set an embargo on recruitment of workers, what plans do they have for the teaming youth?
And for how long will it take the president to break his silence on the issue?

To this end, may I most humbly call on the president to at least address Nigerians on the given situation and his reaction to same.
Furthermore,Federal Government need to ensure that the available hospitals in the country are being well equipped including the one in rural areas the requisite facilities.

The Funding committee for the fight against the virus needs supervision and auditing for transparency.

Federal government should punish reckless covid 19 positives who chose to spread same negligently.

I equally further call on our business tycoons to continue contributing their own quota in fighting against covid Nigeria.

Muhammad Nazir faruk Esq, APD

A legal practitioner based in Kano

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